Welcome to the Beyond Now Wave AI Suite, a groundbreaking integration of cutting-edge AI technology, including GenAI and Machine Learning, into our digital and ecosystem orchestration platforms. Empowering our customers with higher automation, faster and more intelligent decision-making capabilities, and providing new precise, accurate, relevant, and personalized ways to meet customers', partners', and business objectives.

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How will AI impact the telco industry?

Transformative Benefits of the Wave AI Suite

  • Faster Time to Revenue

    Reduce time-to-market and gain confidence in launching offers faster.

    Intelligent Product Management:
    Assist product managers in making changes or additions to the Product Catalog using natural language.

    Support product marketing managers in creating innovative marketing content, texts and images for new products.

    Assess the impact of price and product configuration changes.

  • Partner Ecosystem Utilization

    Accelerate platform business models and marketplace growth through higher stratification of customers and partners.

    Assist customers through intelligent matchmaking in finding the right products in a marketplace based on desired business outcomes.

    Support product manager identify the right product components form the partner solutions library  

  • Empowering Customers through Insights

    Fostering personalized experiences by anticipating customer needs, designing guided journeys and provide relevant recommendations.

    Guided Journeys and Conversational AI:
    Guide customers through the portfolio of solutions, helping them to identify the most relevant solution faster.  

    Reduce call center and customer support loads with self-service activities through conversational AI.

    Optimize products and address inquiries about payments, invoices, and services.

    Provide status updates on product orders and customer services in natural language

  • Ease of Operations

    Precision through Automation:
    Achieve precision through accuracy and automation. 

    Customize solutions effortlessly to fit unique business requirements.

    Anomaly Detection:
    Detect and act upon anomalies in the core business processes, ensuring operational effectiveness in areas such as orders, billing, and support.

    Comprehensive Business Rule Configuration:
    Configure complex business rules effortlessly using natural language.

    Provide embedded guidance and support for users through the breadth of the  Infonova software functionality, from business processes to UI and API use.


  • Trusted and Ethical AI

    Ethical Decision-Making:
    Committed to ethical, responsible, respectful, and fair AI-driven decisions.

    Prioritize customer data privacy and security.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Comply with privacy regulations and industry standards.

    Utilize advanced encryption techniques, guardrails, and data anonymization protocols to protect customer data.

Join us on the journey of intelligent transformation with Beyond Now Wave AI Suite. Elevate your business to new heights, where automation, precision, and ethical AI converge for a brighter future.

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