IT & Technology companies are under immense pressure. On the one hand, as digital transformation envelopes each sector around the world, IT & Technology companies are in the vanguard of this change and businesses look to them for help. This presents lots of new opportunities for revenue growth – a desirable position indeed.

On the other hand, many established IT & Technology companies face disruption themselves from new technologies and business models that blur the line between physical and digital worlds. Dealing with declining revenues and job cuts, IT & Technology companies – just like their customers – have to overhaul their technology and business models to provide new ways to consume their services and much more compelling solutions to customer problems.

The fast pace of change and innovation means that no one in this market can afford to stand still for a second. Customers expect a seamless and complete solution, and cutting-edge innovation driven by new technologies, fueled by a growing number of ecosystem partners. Ultimately their loyalty will be awarded to those players that fulfill these needs.

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Partnership ecosystems: A narrowing window of opportunity for IT & Tech?

69% of IT & Technology companies believe that the co-creation of compelling services with a partner ecosystem is key for successful digital transformation. Yet less than half have defined and implemented the required strategy. Download the report to understand how your company can maximize the value of an ecosystem through the use of digital business platforms.

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