Partner Orchestration: The next generation of partner management

Partner Orchestration is a single solution designed to standardize and automate partner onboarding, collaboration and management, powered by our Wave AI Suite. Serving as a central command center, Partner Orchestration revolutionizes how businesses manage their partner relationships and collaborations. It coordinates interactions, services, products, and data sharing amongst diverse partners, including solutions partners, go-to-market channel partners, resellers and CSPs. 

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With customers increasingly prioritizing integrated solutions, comprising multiple technologies and partners (e.g. 5G, Edge, IoT), effective partner collaboration has become essential. Communications service providers and technology players aiming to develop extensive partner networks and stay ahead of the competition require an efficient and adaptable platform to manage and orchestrate these relationships.  

With our Partner Orchestration solution, you can automate and standardize partner-related processes across all types of partners. This includes partner registration and onboarding, the seamless transfer of product offers from partner catalogue to your product catalog, frictionless ordering management and settlement supporting any commercial model and cross-partner collaboration for solution co-creation.

Partner Orchestration enables advanced data analytics with the integration of our Wave AI Suite, helping you to develop insight, accelerate decision making, and support partner-based growth strategies to stay ahead in today's dynamic market. What’s more, by empowering your partners to manage their own services and products within one environment, you can also free up valuable time to concentrate on your core business operations.

Partner Orchestration is a cloud-based solution built on our Infonova Digital Business Platform delivered as SaaS with API layers for fast integration. 

Business benefits

  • Supporting any partnership model

    Including suppliers, solution partners, resellers, go to market channel partners, as well as cross partner collaboration for solution co-creation.

  • Standardized product catalogue across all partners

    Centralize your product catalogues across all partners on one platform, ensuring consistency and accuracy in product information.

  • Empower your partners with the environment to manage their services and products

    Giving your partners a user-friendly environment to efficiently manage their services and products, fostering autonomy and productivity at all stages of the partner journey.

  • Supporting any commercial model

    Adapt to various commercial models with our flexible platform, supporting diverse partnership structures and arrangements.

  • Shifting tasks to your partners, freeing your time to focus on your business

    Automate task allocation and management, empowering partners to handle routine tasks independently, allowing you to focus on strategic business initiatives.

  • Utilizing data and Wave AI for insightful partner-based growth

    Benefit from advanced data analytics and AI-driven insights to drive speed, precision, and growth within your partner ecosystem.

How does it work?

1. Enroll

Easy application process with an approval flow to properly validate and select partners

2. Onboard

Onboard the partner to the platform via predefined business process

3. Technical integration

Integration of the partner IT systems via open APIs

4. Launch & fulfill

Partner product catalog Order & Fullfillment

5. Settle

Automated settlement calculation based on partner agreement

6. Support

Ticket & incident handling

7. Manage & measure

Analyze via Insights KPI Tracking

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Use cases

Use Case 1: B2B Marketplace Expansion with Partner Orchestration 

Customer Challenge: A Communication Service Provider (CSP) aims to establish a marketplace offering cloud. Onboarding numerous domestic and international partners into this marketplace posed a significant challenge.

The Solution: Utilizing Partner Orchestration, the CSP successfully streamlines partner onboarding for its B2B marketplace. With its open APIs, the platform facilitated rapid onboarding, enabling partners to efficiently list and sell their solutions within the marketplace.

Customer Benefit: Partners experience a faster onboarding processes, leading to increased participation and a diverse range of offerings within the B2B marketplace. This accelerated time-to-market enhances the overall experience for B2B customers seeking varied cloud services.

Use Case 2: IoT Marketplace Launch with Partner Orchestration 

Customer Challenge: A technology company aims to expand its IoT business beyond connectivity by launching an IoT marketplace. The challenge lies in integrating various IoT solutions and systems, and efficiently managing partner interactions for seamless operations.

The Solution: Leveraging Partner Orchestration within its IoT marketplace, the technology company collaborates with partners to streamline onboarding and solution listing. This platform facilitated the rapid integration of partner offerings into a unified marketplace environment.

Customer Benefit: With the Partner Orchestration solution, the technology company effectively reduces the complexities of partner onboarding, enhancing agility and collaboration. The simplified onboarding process and centralized platform reduces time-to-market for them, enabling quicker solution availability within the IoT marketplace. Additionally, shopfront and self-service capabilities simplify the purchasing process, driving higher customer adoption of IoT solutions offered through the marketplace.

Use case 3: BSS Modernization with Partner Management

Customer Challenge: A CSP with outdated BSS solutions faces problems when it comes down to meeting evolving market needs. Partner integrations are complex, limiting service options and causing inefficiencies in collaboration.

The Solution: The CSP utilizes the Partner Orchestration solution to integrate partner solutions via Open APIs. By doing this CSPs can streamline partner onboarding, offering their customers a wide range of services from their catalogue and partners while automating the sell, fulfil, and settlement processes across all third parties.

Customer Benefit:  The Partner Orchestration solution provides the CSPs’ customers with an expanded service selection, simplifying their experience. Efficient partner integrations free up resources for innovation, ensuring the CSP’s competitive edge, while also enhancing service quality.

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