Beyond Now and AWS are working together to help CSPs unlock the potential of next-generation technology, such as Cloud, Analytics & AI, 5G, Edge and more. The combined strengths and resources of Beyond Now and AWS can enhance CSPs’ ability to offer agile, secure, and cutting-edge technology solutions to their customers at scale, generate faster growth, develop new business models, and increase operational agility.   

Combining Beyond Now’s ecosystem orchestration and digital platforms (including Infonova SaaS BSS, Infonova Digital Business Platform, and Digital Marketplace) with AWS cloud, tools, solutions, and partners creates a unique offering that gives CSPs an edge as they transform their business. Our digital platforms also enable faster and more intelligent decision-making when integrated with our Wave AI Suite.

Furthermore, we're proud participants in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, which unlocks even more benefits.  

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Prof. Mohammad Zoualfaghari from AWS discusses how working with Beyond Now drives innovation for CSPs 


What are the benefits for CSPs? 

Our collaboration focuses on driving four core values to our customers: 

Embracing cloud-native infrastructure by utilizing AWS cloud  

Our agile cloud-native Infonova Digital Business Platform and Infonova BSS leverage AWS cloud capabilities, providing highly secure, scalable, and feature-rich solutions. CSPs can modernize operations rapidly with low upfront investment and risk, using containerized micro-services and Open API architecture.  CSPs can benefit from serverless technologies for automatic scaling and built-in high availability. Our digital platforms can also help CSPs increase agility and optimize costs for unparalleled efficiency. 

For an architectural overview of how our Infonova Digital Platform operates on the AWS cloud, click here.

Our SaaS-based solution means that CSPs can address the most pressing business needs, starting in a small and incremental way, then scaling as the business requires.

Operational Excellence and Business Insight

Our platforms integrate with AWS tools including analytics capabilities, generating  higher operational agility to our customers and enabling them access to valuable business insights and dashboards. 

With faster deployment times, enhanced agility, and deeper insights, CSPs can quickly roll out new features and updates, staying ahead of the curve while ensuring a seamless and responsive experience for their customers. 

Accelerating CSPs' successful Go-To-Market  

Co-create new B2B solutions (IoT, 5G, Edge) with an ecosystem of partners: Infonova Digital Business Platform on AWS provides CSPs with the ability to easily bundle, sell, order, fulfil and settle its own services and third-party solutions with AWS services (cloud, IoT, Analytics, Security etc).

AWS market catalog pre-integration with Infonova Digital Business Platform: The pre-integration of AWS Marketplace catalog with Infonova Digital Business Platform allows CSPs to effortlessly orchestrate and monetize innovative digital solutions across their partner ecosystem, allowing our customers to create their own marketplace and sell any AWS and AWS partner solutions seamlessly.  

World-First Integration: Our digital marketplace  is integrated with Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) Warehousing and Distribution solutions, offering CSPs unprecedented capabilities for both digital and physical fulfilment, enabling CSPs to orchestrate and monetize new digital solutions seamlessly, creating a secure B2B2X marketplace with zero-touch fulfilment. This integration minimizes the complexities of inventory management, logistics, and e-commerce fulfilment, reduces lead time, risk, and costs for CSPs, allowing them to focus on growth and revenue generation. 

Powering innovation and new business models

We work collaboratively with AWS to help CSPs successfully adopt new business models, such as platform business models, digital marketplaces, ecosystem orchestration and B2B2X.

AWS Integrated Private Wireless (IPW): IPW is a dynamic ecosystem, developed in collaboration with leading telcos, combines private 4G and 5G wireless technologies with AWS cloud services, accelerating innovation and discovery for enterprises. Through the collaboration with Beyond Now, AWS offers CSPs and enterprises an online marketplace for IPW solutions. The IPW portal can include an ‘InstantSell Engine’ which is a lightweight integration for telco backend systems and digital frontends to work with the IPW marketplace. 

Zero-touch and zero trust security models: With zero-touch and zero trust security models available for onboarding network and security solutions in our digital marketplace. CSPs can streamline security operations, reduce the risk of human errors and ensure a consistent application of security policies for their customers. 

Additional benefits of SaaS-based Infonova Digital Business Platform and Infonova BSS on AWS

•    Fast set up and deployment of the digital business platform
•    Ease of integration with well documented Open APIs covering the whole functionality in a modular way
•    Ability to overlay and abstract legacy IT systems
•    Continuous delivery of new features through seamless upgrades without outage
•    Cost-efficient operation with a maximum level of automation
•    Scalability and elasticity, allowing CSPs to start small and scale with the success of the business
•    Robustness and security

Microservice and container-based architectures delivered through DevOps best practices are a key enabler for achieving fast set up and deployment. The use of managed services in the public cloud provides the ability to start fast and scale with the business while bringing the required levels of scalability, elasticity, robustness and security.

“Service providers are looking to grow revenue by accelerating adoption of new products, services, and business models. By leveraging AWS IoT services and AWS Marketplace, Beyond Now's digital business platform will allow CSPs to build and monetize an exciting array of solutions to meet this need.”

Matt Yanchyshyn, Global Technical Lead, AWS Partner Program, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Our customers use the capabilities of Infonova Digital Business Platform on AWS in different ways to support their business strategies

BNET logo



BNET uses the platform to provide next generation wholesale fiber broadband connectivity to licensed telecom operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large enterprises in Bahrain.


Tata Communications

The SaaS-based cloud-native Infonova solution boosts the digital experience for Tata Communication's IoT and mobility customers, allowing them to view, order and manage their own IoT connections. The platform also allows own branding and customization with additional features and functions, to build a unique offering for their markets.

See more about how our Infonova Digital Platform operates on AWS cloud below 

Infonova Digital Business Platform on AWS Cloud

Together with AWS we are working to enable CSPs to accelerate the creation, sale, and monetization of new digital services and smart solutions through CSPs own marketplaces. This joint report provides an architectural overview of how our Infonova Digital Platform Solution operates on the AWS cloud.

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