New wholesale business drivers for Communications Service Providers

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) who sell wholesale connectivity to Retail Service Providers (RSPs) / Other Licensed Operators (OLOs) or offer MVNE services to MVNOs, operate in a rapidly changing market where a number of business drivers are disrupting how they traditionally operated.

New regulatory requirements are being introduced for wholesale/retail business separation, which come with tight compliance deadlines. There is continued pressure to increase efficiency and ensure profit optimization, stay business-focused and run even leaner operations. Customers are demanding more empowerment, and wholesale CSPs need to meet these changing requirements in new ways with the mindset to address their problems first.

Wholesale CSPs also need to find new ways to achieve revenue growth to re-establish their value – be it through expanding market reach or embracing new growth engines and business models.

Accelerating wholesale growth

How we help Wholesale CSPs master these changing market dynamics


Infonova SaaS BSS helps you meet tight regulatory compliance, rapidly achieve both wholesale business platform separation and access control separation deadlines, and go live faster with your business.

Our SaaS BSS enables highly effective customer segmentation so that your Retail Service Providers’ data only exist once on a single platform, giving you the highest level of data integrity and confidentiality to meet regulatory data segmentation compliance (Chinese wall).


To increase efficiency, responsiveness, and the ability to interwork effectively, our SaaS BSS enables you to run optimized and efficient digital operations with highly automated systems and processes, and low IT maintenance workload.

To maintain a high level of efficiency, we help you transform your IT to our future-proof technology stack, with cloud-native open APIs, micro-services architecture, delivered as a SaaS, keeping your BSS up-to-date on the most current version.

Revenue growth

New routes to market and new wholesale customer types, present wholesale CSPs with additional sources of revenue. To realize these initiatives from an operational perspective, our Infonova SaaS BSS supports all types of wholesale customers – channel partners, Retail Service Providers, enterprise partners, OLOs, sub-brands, and xVNOs.

We help you successfully monetize a widening array of wholesale customer relationships – with a flexible product catalog & settlement capabilities – supporting all commercial models, commissions and claw backs.

New growth engines and business models

Innovation is an essential engine of growth for wholesalers, but launching new digital solutions and new business models at speed must be straightforward. Our SaaS BSS supports you to:

  • Co-create digital solutions with a partner ecosystem, capitalizing on new technologies such as 5G, Edge, IoT, AI etc.
  • Experiment with new business models & vertical solutions (digital marketplace, B2B2x, wholesale OAN, neutral host wholesale networks, or private networks)

Customer empowerment

As a wholesale CSP, you must make it easy for your customers to do business with you. Improving customer interfaces and self-serve capabilities or offering innovative pricing models and solutions adapted to meet their demands, allows you to differentiate and get closer to your customers. And leveraging the built-in smart analytics & insights in our Infonova SaaS BSS, will give your customers visibility, transparency and control over their business and operational performance.

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We can help you get there faster

Infonova SaaS BSS equips Communications Service Providers to effectively address wholesale business and stay ahead in the market.


  • Go live, faster, smarter at scale

    Using cloud-native flexibility, Open APIs and microservices architecture – go live faster with your wholesale business, with the IT flexibility to adapt, scale, and meet changing business needs at speed.

  • Smart insights & analytics

    With changing regulations and rapid emergence of new players, smart Insights and Analytics ensure business visibility and control to be successful in a highly competitive market.

  • Simplified Retail Service Provider segmentation

    Multi-tenancy capabilities ensure highly effective customer segmentation to meet regulatory compliance.

  • More ways to monetize

    The platform supports all commercial models, commissions, claw backs and settlement agreements; and supports all types of wholesale customers with full white labelling and multi-tenancy capabilities.

  • Experiment with business models

    Experiment with new wholesale business models & vertical solutions (digital marketplace and B2B2x); with the ability to expand to IoT and enterprise wholesale channels.

  • Automate wholesale business

    An advanced, complete-suite BSS delivered as SaaS – powers your business with the agility to cut heavy operational workload and increase automation.

See what our wholesale customers are saying about us:

“We recognized that separating the BSS and OSS systems was essential to give BNET the independence required to manage operational processes and procedures. Working with Beyond Now and adopting its Infonova BSS solution has given us access to the latest digital technology that is now enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide to our customers. The presence of AWS is an added bonus and means we can provide a high quality national broadband network, with high speeds and competitive prices, leading to the increased customer satisfaction that we continuously strive for.”

Mohamed Bubashait, Chief Executive Officer, BNET


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