Many CSPs are looking at enterprise solutions as their next engine for growth, targeting businesses’ US $3.4 trillion global digital transformation spend. Both enterprise and SMBs are investing more than ever in technology to digitize their businesses. A digital marketplace for B2B solutions provides the perfect platform to co-create solutions with ecosystem partners, rapidly onboard them, sell, monetize and grow their business further and faster.

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B2B Marketplaces Evolve Faster, Driving New Opportunities for Communications And Technology Service Providers.

Authors: Heather Hershey, Ahmad Latif Ali


Why a digital marketplace is crucial to your business growth

A B2B digital marketplace allows service providers the use of digital channels to market, sell and manage partner services. It offers a simple way to grow revenue by reselling partner services, as well as a fast and efficient way to reach SMB and enterprise customers at scale.

A digital marketplace enables businesses the convenience of shopping and buying services digitally and provides access to many services in a single place.

Why our B2B marketplace can take you further and faster

Our experience shows that reselling services doesn’t yield the expected results for service providers and doesn’t support SMB and enterprise customer needs.

SMBs and enterprises expect to buy solutions that are relevant, address their business needs, are easy to buy and simple to use. That’s why our Digital Marketplace is designed to enable you to sell B2B solutions with clear outcomes, that integrate a combination of technologies (ICT, IoT, 5G, Security, AI, etc.), powering you to really solve B2B business problems across any number of partners and channels in an automated way, and at scale.

  • Accelerate your portfolio development by co-creating and orchestrating partners and technology solutions
  • By integrating your digital marketplace with the Beyond Now Wave AI Suite, you can leverage, higher automation, more intelligent decision-making capabilities, and a faster time to revenue
  • Connect customers with solutions faster
  • Reduce cost of sale, SG&A and improve user experience through digital channels and dynamic customer journeys
  • Simplify and automate partners’ onboarding and management processes
  • Gain insights on customers‘ and partners’ preferences and marketplace utilization

How can you grow your SMB & enterprise business with a B2B Digital Marketplace?



Business benefits

  • Intuitive digital shopfront & self-serve

    Simple, unified experience for SMB & enterprise customers to shop, get a quote, buy, pay and manage their business solutions.

  • Supports the full customer lifecycle

    Spanning all customer consumption and usage needs, including upsell, upgrade, & change processes.

  • Seamless orchestration & automation

    Automate the packaging, ordering, fulfilment, monetization and settlement of B2B solutions across any number of vendors/partners.

  • Advanced partner enablement

    Partners can self-onboard, manage and monitor the performance of their own services, with full visibility and transparency of orders, payments and revenue.

  • Powerful analytics & insights

    Monitor business performance & gain targeted insights through dynamic dashboards, pre-defined and customizable reports, and built-in widgets.

  • Expanded SMB & enterprise

    Quickly package own services with available partner services like AWS, Google workspace, MS365, etc.

SMB marketplace analytics


What is a B2B Marketplace?

A B2B marketplace is an online platform that serves as a virtual marketplace for companies to conduct various business activities. It connects businesses looking to buy and sell products or services, making the procurement process more efficient and accessible. These marketplaces offer a centralized hub where businesses can interact, negotiate, and transact with one another. It also easily facilitates co-creation of solutions and services between partners, who can bundle their solutions to make compelling propositions.

In a B2B digital marketplace, sellers can create detailed product and service listings, showcasing their offerings with descriptions, pricing, and other relevant information. Buyers, on the other hand, can search for the products or services they need, compare offerings from multiple suppliers, and make informed purchasing decisions. This streamlines the procurement process, reduces the time and effort required for businesses to find suitable suppliers, and often results in cost savings.

Moreover, B2B digital marketplaces may offer additional features such as transaction facilitation, order management, and payment processing, making it easier for businesses to complete transactions seamlessly.

A B2B digital Marketplace serves as a convenient solution for businesses seeking to establish connections and engage in partnerships with other companies. It offers a unified platform to centralize and streamline communication and commercial transactions, through an ecosystem of partners. Through digital tools and platforms designed for B2B digital operations, these marketplaces facilitate innovation and co-creation, unlocking new lines of business through collaboration.

A B2B marketplace is characterized by its digital infrastructure and software, which empower enterprises to securely interact with other organizations and conduct all their business activities in one centralized location. Similar to traditional B2C platforms, B2B eCommerce marketplaces serve as hubs where companies engage in the purchase and sale of products, often in bulk quantities.

However, the key distinction between a B2B and a B2C platform lies in the participants. In a B2B marketplace, the buyers and sellers consist of brands, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and other businesses, while B2C platforms primarily cater to individual consumers as their main customer base.

How to build a B2B marketplace

Building a successful B2B marketplace requires a customer-centric approach. Many CSPs have attempted to create their own digital marketplaces, but often these initiatives have fallen short. These marketplaces have tended to be overly product-centric, primarily focused on reselling individual technologies and services, such as Microsoft 365. In essence, they have functioned more like glorified app stores, offering a variety of disparate component technologies without addressing the critical issue of integrating and managing these services and products for enterprises and SMBs.

To create an effective B2B marketplace, the onus is on the CSP to simplify both the purchasing and usage processes, recognizing that a seamless customer experience is a crucial aspect of the solution. This entails collaborating closely with partners within the ecosystem. Beyond merely integrating technologies, CSPs should aim to streamline every aspect of the marketplace, including supply chain management, inventory control, order fulfilment, and customer support. By doing so, they can deliver a more comprehensive and user-friendly marketplace that meets the needs of their customers and fosters successful transactions. CSPs must prioritise simplicity, ease of use, and outcome-based solutions for the end customer.

How it works

Our Digital Marketplace is powered by Infonova Digital Business Platform, which harnesses cutting-edge technology, featuring Open APIs and a cloud-native containerized micro-services architecture, delivered as SaaS. This agile and scalable framework makes our digital marketplace an excellent choice for organizations seeking to rapidly develop and launch solutions that support their customers' digital transformation journeys. If you're a CSP looking to sell B2B, B2B2X, or B2C solutions, our platform empowers you to leverage a combination of technologies to cater to diverse customer needs.

Our Digital Marketplace has been meticulously designed to empower you to offer B2B solutions with well-defined outcomes. It seamlessly integrates a diverse array of technologies, including ICT, IoT, 5G, Security, AI, and more. This integration allows you to effectively address B2B business challenges across numerous partners and channels, all in an automated and scalable manner.

With our Digital Marketplace, you can swiftly onboard partners, collaboratively develop solutions, and distribute them through digital channels. This streamlined approach simplifies the process for your customers to configure and purchase your services. Furthermore, the platform facilitates orchestration and monetization processes across multiple partners, allowing you to genuinely address your customers' business challenges automatically and at scale.

How we support our customers in creating their B2B Digital Marketplace

Our digital marketplace enables digital business growth and the capability to collaborate within an ecosystem of partners to build solutions that better fit your customer’s needs. The simplicity of the platform also helps you address the SME gap that often occurs with emergent technologies, whereby SMEs require technology partners, vertical specialists and outcome-based solutions to tap into new markets, and not just products and apps.


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Explore how to build a successful SMB digital marketplace

Explore how to build a successful SMB digital marketplace

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