Infonova Digital Business Platform is a SaaS-based solution, powered by our Wave AI Suite, for businesses who wish to grow revenue fast by capitalizing on new technologies such as 5G, Edge, IoT and AI, and co-create and co-sell solutions with partner ecosystems that better meet their customers’ digital needs.

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Infonova Digital Business Platform is designed to support the monetization and orchestration of partner offerings at scale, giving you the edge to rapidly experiment, launch and grow, while starting small and scaling up with success. It powers the end-to-end dynamics of a partner ecosystem including channel partners, solution partners, marketplace and B2B2X.

The platform is built on cutting-edge technology with Open APIs and a cloud-native micro-services architecture. It can also be integrated with AI to enable increased automation and precision. 

Infonova Digital Business Platform has successful implementations across telecommunication, technology, automotive, financial and other industries.

What is a digital business platform?

A digital business platform is the technology that underpins a digital platform business model. Managing the commercial relationships inside the business models, a digital business platform allows you to access new revenue streams through the collaboration and co-creation of joint offerings with an ecosystem. 

It is responsible for the E2E selling process of these offerings, including the orchestration and monetization processes. Infonova Digital Business Platform is a modular SaaS solution that enables enterprises to rapidly introduce these offerings, so you can test, launch, sell, fulfil, monetize, and grow.

Trusted by leading companies

  • Deutsche Telekom
  • dell
  • intel
  • Matrixx
  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • AWS
  • iotdc
  • Google
  • Akamai
  • NTT
  • Telus

Mark Thomason, IDC, on new a type of IT – a SaaS-based digital business platform

Business benefits

  • Flexible commercial model

    Rapidly launch any solution with any commercial model with any business rules in a matter of days.

  • Better serve customers' digital needs

    Capitalize on new technologies such as 5G, Edge, IoT, AI, and co-create solutions with partner ecosystems to better serve customers’ expectations and needs.

  • Grow with your ecosystem

    Powers innovation and the end-to-end dynamics of partner ecosystems including channel partners, solution partners, marketplace and B2B2X.

  • Maximize business synergies

    Leverage own assets, internal and external ecosystems, and global synergies to drive new revenue and maximize efficiency.

  • Start small, scale with success

    Start small with the most pressing business problem or a single use case, then scale and expand with success, while keeping control of your risk and cost.

  • Experiment, test and launch fast

    Experiment, test, launch and monetize new offerings at speed – leveraging multiple technologies and services (e.g. OTT, TV, 5G or IoT), and a partner ecosystem.

Driving results

  • 20 revenue growth YoY
  • 4 weeks from concept to launch
  • 25 reduction in IT costs

Technical capabilities

  • Cutting-edge technology

    Infonova Digital Business Platform is built on cutting-edge technology with Open APIs and a cloud-native containerized micro-services architecture delivered as SaaS.
  • Rapid deployment and set up

    The ability to go live in just weeks, and avoid long, complex implementation programs. Integrated with our Wave AI Suite, you can get AI-powered marketing content and make swift catalog changes to help you reduce your time to market.
  • Fast and simple integration

    Extensive repository of industry standard, award-winning Open APIs for fast and simple integration with your existing infrastructure and surrounding business and partner landscapes.
  • Zero-touch ecosystem orchestration

    Automates monetization and orchestration of internal and external ecosystems, supporting multiple business partners on a single platform, with consolidated partner settlement and revenue sharing.
  • Modular and flexible

    Built with dynamic and adaptable business functions designed for security, scalability and high availability.
  • Leverage business ecosystem insights

    Get full visibility over all aspects of your business and operations, including across your ecosystem offerings, using business analytics and insights.
  • Comprehensive order management and service fulfillment

    Manages the challenge and complexity of service provisioning, spanning multiple networks (4G, 5G, fiber), services (Edge, IoT, AR/VR) and partners.
  • Advanced monetization capabilities

    Enabled by a state-of-the-art billing engine, flexible catalog, and comprehensive partner settlement capabilities available to all business partners in the ecosystem.
  • Powerful portfolio of supporting services

    A powerful portfolio of supporting services to guarantee success – including agile delivery and managed SaaS.

Omdia Report – partner ecosystem management solutions

CSPs who adopt B2B2X business models will be well positioned to monetize 5G, IoT, smart cities, and Industry 4.0. In this report, Omdia highlights the importance of partner ecosystem management solutions for CSPs to coordinate and orchestrate complex use cases involving multiple partners, suppliers, and industry specialists, and presents Beyond Now’s Digital Business Platform as a leading solution.

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