The GSMA Mobile Economy report forecasts the IoT market will be worth just over $1tn by 2025 with as little as 5% of that revenue attributed to connectivity. Unsurprisingly “moving beyond connectivity” has become a key strategic ambition for CSPs. But there are obstacles to be overcome before they can get there.

What is holding CSPs back from capitalizing on the IoT ecosystem?

The challenge starts with the need to serve a new type of customer. IoT growth sits with enterprise and SMB customers and they do not view CSPs as easy to work with. 39% cite issues around innovation and solution relevance as their main challenges in working with CSPs. CSPs need to embrace IoT innovation, accelerate time to market and adopt a more experimental mindset.

Above all, they need to offer complete vertical specific solutions that will develop in collaboration with a partner ecosystem. For those CSPs that harness the power of a partner ecosystem, 97% of enterprises and SMBs would consider purchasing new technology solutions from CSPs, and a full 100% would consider working with them to develop 5G/IoT-based solutions.

We can help you get there faster

Infonova Digital Business Platform is proven in establishing partner ecosystems. It has enabled businesses like yourselves to grow the number of services they offer, build solutions based on specific needs and accelerate speed and innovation.

We can support your journey through the different stages to move beyond connectivity:

Focusing on the customer experience will make it as effortless as possible for enterprise and SMB customers to buy from you. Leveraging the capabilities of our partnership with IoT.nxt will allow you to confidently identify the winning IoT use cases by carrying out rapid and low risk experiments with vertical solutions and data. You can rapidly scale up by building a fully automated digital marketplace. Finally, you’re ready to orchestrate the E2E IoT ecosystem to become the go-to specialist solution provider for enterprise and SMB.

Infonova Digital Business Platform supporting our customers

Working with customers and partners, our Infonova Digital Business Platform supports CSPs in moving beyond connectivity and growing revenue: 

Learn how TATA Communications digitized and streamlined the customer experience of their MOVE service. Making it easy to view, manage, monitor, and modify IoT connections is key in attracting enterprise and SMB connectivity customers.

Infonova Digital Business Platform empowers Telia Division X to monetize and orchestrate its offerings across local markets and partner ecosystems. Division X gained the agility and speed to react to dynamic business needs, experiment with new business and charging models, and develop, fulfil, and monetize new IoT offerings at speed. E2E ecosystem orchestration has brought Division X 20% YoY growth and established them as the hub for 600 enterprise customers.

Scaling up to build profitable business solutions

Enterprise and SMB customers want to buy complete solutions to their problems from a single source that are easy to try, buy and consume. Our IoT/ 5G Digital Marketplace fully automates the end-to-end selling process of an IoT ecosystem-based offering.

Working with our partners


IoT.nxt is a global software development company that offers dynamic, smart, vertical IoT solutions for businesses worldwide. Their unique technology connects any devices or sensors to any enterprise application creating a seamless bridge between data sources, allowing solution providers to monitor, manage and process data at the edge or in the cloud. This horizontal digital fabric generates out-of -the box vertical use cases eg. smart buildings, smart agriculture and smart mining.


AWS provide an IoT services framework for CSPs, including device software, connectivity control and analytics services. Through the integration between AWS IoT solutions and our Infonova Digital Business Platform, CSPs can rapidly offer these solutions to their customers or bundle them with their connectivity solutions and any other 3rd party solutions.

Infonova Digital Business Platform recognized for enabling industry 4.0 and smart IoT solutions in the award-winning Digital Business Marketplace TM Forum catalyst

Infonova Digital Business Platform has been showcased as the enabler of orchestration of Industry 4.0 and complex IoT digital service offerings in the TM Forum catalyst project, Digital Business Marketplace. This catalyst picked up the Outstanding Catalyst – Business Impact award at the 2020 Digital Transformation World Series. It is championed by a host of high profile companies (BT, Deutsche Telekom, NTT, Chunghwa Telecom, Etisalat, Agile Fractal Grid, Maxbyte, Telus, Telenor, Heritage International AG, Digital Twin Consortium and SteepleCom), and with contributions from an additional 15+ other participants, has covered healthcare, manufacturing, energy and utility, as well as drone and video surveillance use cases.

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