Our digital marketplace is ideal for organizations who are looking to build and launch solutions to support their customers’ digital transformation journeys. It gives our customers the ability to rapidly develop solutions with an ecosystem of partners, onboard and sell through digital channels, making it extremely easy for their customers to buy and use while automating the orchestration and monetization processes across any number of partners.

It is already helping our customers grow revenue by identifying common customer needs and building repeatable solutions leveraging technologies like ICT/IoT/5G/Edge and partner ecosystem, at scale.

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Trusted by leading companies

  • Dell
  • intel
  • Matrixx
  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • AWS
  • Google
  • Akamai
  • NTT
  • iotdc
  • Telus

Building a Digital Marketplace

Business benefits

  • Rapidly grow and scale your business

    Innovate at speed – experiment, launch and expand your business from connectivity to ICT, IoT and vertical-specific solutions.

  • Digital customer experience

    A shopfront and self-serve suitable for your customers to shop for pre-integrated solutions, request a quote, order and self-manage & monitor their solutions.

  • Advanced partner enablement

    Enable your partners to self-onboard, manage and monitor the performance of their own services through the marketplace, with full order visibility and service inventory.

  • Orchestrate pre-integrated marketplace solutions

    Automate the packaging, ordering, fulfilment, monetization and settlement across any number of vendors/partners participating in the solution, while managing dependencies between the different components, ensuring each part is delivered correctly and in the right order.

  • Flexible commercial models

    Easily define settlement partner agreements for onward selling services via the marketplace (flexible down to usage level, independent of end customer pricing).

  • Control & governance

    Full control & governance for the digital marketplace owner; fast on-boarding, visibility of orders, transparency of payments and revenue.

Proven results

  • 20 YoY revenue growth
  • 1 click to add a partner
  • 90 days for a marketplace MVP

Technical capabilities

  • Unified commerce experience

    Centralized product catalog enabling product managers to create and price complete solution packages combining traditional telecom services, new technology services (5G, IoT, MEC) and services/apps/devices from partners.
  • The confidence to start now

    Utilizes our pre-integrated solutions and industry best practices, an MVP approach, agile delivery and SaaS software pricing model so you can start fast.
  • Fast and simple integration

    A microservices architecture and Open APIs ensures fast and simple integration with multiple and diverse business units and partner IT systems.
  • “Telco-native” scalability

    Designed ‘telco-native’, easily scaling to rate very large numbers of usage events (for example, data streaming from IoT sensors, 5G services, Edge).
  • Cloud-native platform

    Cloud-native platform and a SaaS delivery model ensures low cost and low risk implementation and operations, and scalability of the full marketplace partner ecosystem.
  • Complex order orchestration & service fulfillment

    Handles the coordinated orchestration and prompt delivery of complex solutions spanning multiple own-IT systems and partner systems, across different types of networks (e.g. 4G, fiber, 5G), different sources of services, devices and technologies – including handling of dependencies.
  • Full support of all B2B2X models

    Supports any pricing model and any multi-party business model – with separate settlement agreements for B2C, B2B, B2B2X.
  • Full visibility, highly secured

    Visibility across all services, packages, billing, invoicing and partner services, including telco services. Customer base and product information strictly segregated between affiliates and tenants.
  • An overlay solution

    That spans multiple IT and partner systems, and avoids having multiple master systems of record for product catalog and service contracts/replication of shared components.

How to build a digital marketplace

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