Beyond Now can help you grow your revenue and introduce new innovative offerings through the adoption of digital platform business models, allowing you to collaborate, co-invent and expand your reach together with an ecosystem of partners. We'll work together with you, linking strategy and methodology, with the technology of our award winning Infonova Digital Business Platform to quickly identify customer needs; translate them into viable offerings; test them in the market; refine; launch and expand with minimum risk and cost.

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IDC report: Digital business needs a new kind of IT

Explore the challenges that companies face as they transform to become a digital business and engage with partner ecosystems to meet customer expectations. Read why a new type of IT – a SaaS based digital business platform – enables companies to explore new business models to get to market fast with the right offer at minimal risk.

Are you really cloud-native?

Are you really cloud-native?

The promises of cloud-native and everything around it are immense – simpler, cheaper, faster – who wouldn’t want this? But how do you get there?

What is a digital business platform?

Our technology

In conjunction with our exploration methodology, our solutions deliver you fast and simple integration to harness partner ecosystem collaboration. Our cloud-native digital platforms are built on open architecture, with open APIs, and our award winning Infonova technology, allowing different business partners and systems to easily and dynamically exchange and combine offerings. This cultivates innovation and the invention of new services at speed, leading to extra revenue, and an expansion of reach through network effect, delivering offerings that are far harder for competitors to copy.  

Infonova Digital Business Platform

Ecosystem Designer – from idea to revenue 

Our unique, dynamic and rapid methodology enables you to identify the most promising and commercially viable ideas to build the right offering through the right ecosystem. We start with uncovering  business synergies and adjacent customer needs. Next we approach the right ecosystem partners and build together a prototype while validating with real customers that both pricing models and user experiences will deliver against their needs. Having determined the offering, we integrate it into our cloud-native digital platform allowing you to try out and refine your proposition without impacting your current IT or business environment. Then you take this to market gradually, using our flexible digital platform, and progressively scale up as we build on learnings and success.

Ecosystem Designer

Beyond Now Ecosystem Designer

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