Beyond Now can help you grow your revenue and introduce new innovative services and solutions, enabling you to unlock the value of new and advanced technologies such as 5G, Edge, Cloud and AI. Transform your business model to become a more platform-orientated business. Our digital and ecosystem orchestration platforms allow you to collaborate, co-invent and expand your reach together with your network of partners. Open yourself up to new ways of supporting your customers’ needs, while ensuring minimum risk and cost.

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Infonova Digital Business Platform (DBP)

Transform your business into a platform-based powerhouse.

Our award-winning SaaS-based platform is perfect for businesses who wish to grow revenue fast by capitalizing on new technologies such as 5G, Edge, IoT, and AI, and co-creating and co-selling solutions with partner ecosystems that better meet their customers’ digital needs. Infonova Digital Business Platform supports the monetization and orchestration of partners’ commercial relationships across an ecosystem. This includes channel partners, solution partners, marketplace and B2B2X. Start your platform-based transformation journey today.

Digital Marketplace

Expand your B2B portfolio fast and at scale

Our marketplace connects buyers and sellers faster by simplifying and automating portfolio development, co-creation and the orchestration of partners and technology solutions, as well as providing flexible commercial models. It enables advanced self-serve capabilities for customers and partners and gives the marketplace owner full control and governance. It powers rapid innovation from connectivity to vertical-specific solutions, while simultaneously reducing cost of sale and improving user experience.

Infonova SaaS BSS

Sweat your assets with a BSS that grows when you grow

Whether you’re looking to grow your organization, expand into a new line of business or monetize 5G, our SaaS BSS helps you to innovate with new services, pricing and bundles at speed. It gives your business and IT teams complete control and visibility, helping you to reduce cost, increase automation, cut heavy operational workload and accelerate speed to market. Built on future-proof, secured cloud-native technology with Open APIs, and containerized micro-services architecture, our Infonova SaaS BSS supports all lines of business – consumer, SMB, enterprise, wholesale – on a single BSS.


Tap into the first global B2B2X marketplace for technology solutions

eXchange is the first global B2B2X marketplace for technology solutions, created to accelerate CSPs B2B & B2C portfolio development and speed up revenue growth. Founded in May 2022 in partnership with TELUS, eXhange encourages collaboration between telecoms industry leaders and innovators. It provides an environment where they can co-create, co-innovate, trial, sell and monetize technology solutions that will ultimately support the digital transformation needs of small-medium businesses, enterprises, vertical organizations, consumers and households. Through eXchange, CSPs have access to a growing repository of technology solutions and new channels to market.

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