“Beyond Now offers a unique perspective to partner ecosystem management in the telecoms industry. Infonova Digital Business Platform focuses heavily on the ability to orchestrate and fulfill services across the partner ecosystem, which is perhaps the biggest challenge CSPs will face as they scale their ecosystems.”

Chantel Cary, Senior Analyst, Service Provider Operations and IT, Omdia

“IDC believes there is a strong need for an ecosystem orchestration environment within the evolving 5G network build, such as that delivered by the Beyond Now Infonova Digital Business Platform.”

Karl Whitelock, research vice president, Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization, IDC

“CSPs must implement a partner ecosystem management strategy and solution that enables them to recruit, onboard, manage, sell, and market to partners in their ecosystem while also meeting the unique requirements of the telecoms industry.”

Chantel Cary, Senior Analyst, Service Provider Operations and IT, Omdia

"The 5G customer experience goes far beyond consumer-focused speeds and feeds to include capabilities to address business problems involving multiple suppliers working collectively to address business opportunities. A critical piece to the success of such strategies involves an ecosystem orchestration platform such as the Infonova Digital Business Platform."

Karl Whitelock, Research Vice President, Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization, IDC

“Beyond Now and Matrixx Software partner to enter top league of 5G Monetization Vendors.”

Andy Hicks, Principal Analyst, Global Data

Technology Analysis – partner ecosystem management solutions

CSPs who adopt B2B2X business models will be well positioned to monetize 5G, IoT, smart cities, and Industry 4.0. In this report, Omdia highlights the importance of partner ecosystem management solutions for CSPs to coordinate and orchestrate complex use cases involving multiple partners, suppliers, and industry specialists, and presents Beyond Now’s Digital Business Platform as a leading solution.

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5G Operational Readiness: Beyond Now Digital Business Platform

As 5G technology matures, the combination with services like IoT and MEC becomes an ecosystem power play. In this report, IDC details how an ecosystem orchestration platform, such as that delivered by Beyond Now, addresses the partner enabled digital services and business solutions opportunity within the global CSP market.

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Digital Business and Ecosystem Innovation needs Digital Business Platforms

Read why a new type of IT – a SaaS based digital business platform – enables companies to explore new business models to get to market fast with the right offer at minimal risk.

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Beyond Now recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for CSP Customer Management and Experience Solutions

This Market Guide helps identify market trends and hone sourcing strategies for customer management and experience solutions. According to Gartner, ‘suppliers were selected based on their competitiveness as seen by the competitors, product portfolio, geographic spread and progress in the last year’.

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Global Wireless Partner Ecosystem Management Growth Opportunities

This study examines how CSPs can leverage partner ecosystem management (PEM) solutions to drive the adoption of multi-partner enterprise solutions. It includes a detailed company profile of Beyond Now, citing us as a leading provider of PEM and digital business solutions.

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