eXchange is a wholesale marketplace for technology solutions created to accelerate CSPs B2B & B2C portfolio development and speed up revenue growth.

Founded in May 2022 in partnership with TELUS, it encourages collaboration between telecoms industry leaders and innovators where they can co-create, co-innovate, trial, sell and monetize technology solutions that will ultimately support the digital transformation needs of small-medium businesses, enterprises, vertical organizations, consumers and households. Through eXchange, CSPs have access to a growing repository of technology solutions and new channels to market.

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eXchange bridges the gap between CSPs’ traditional business models and the digital transformation needs of their customers 

With the advancement of new technologies such as 5G, Edge, IoT & AI, CSPs need to expand their portfolio of solutions beyond simply connectivity. In fact, 97% of enterprise and small medium businesses believe that it is more important for CSPs to collaborate with technology players to build solutions that address their needs, rather than just selling 5G or Fibre solutions. In reality, less than 37% of CSPs are actually involved in developing and managing these ecosystem-based solutions.

Finding, developing, and managing ecosystem-based solutions is a complex task and with eXchange, we offer CSPs a new way to do that:

  • Expand their portfolio of B2C, B2B & vertical solutions
  • Monetize advanced technologies such as 5G, Edge and IoT
  • Harness co-creation with the ecosystem
  • Reach new customers, and expand to new markets and geographies                                                                                       

It is a dynamic marketplace that fosters innovation and collaboration across the wider telecommunications ecosystem, generating an expanding repository of B2B & B2C solutions. It offers CSPs and technology players different ways to get involved in, and benefit from the platform:

  • Cross-sell. The ability to upscale and sell own solutions to other CSPs and other geographies
  • Co-create. Developing new solutions with several partners to sell to CSP’s B2B customers and verticals
  • Co-Innovate. Establish communities centred around industry challenges and initiatives (Contribute IP, Resources, Financial Aid, Advisory Services, etc)  
  • Re-sell. selling specialized solutions from technology partners to your B2B customers
  • Sell-through or sell-with other members in a B2B2X environment.

Angus Ward discusses how CSPs can transform from telco to techco


Powered by our Infonova Digital Business Platform

eXchange utilizes our Infonova Digital Business Platform’s advanced and automated ecosystem orchestration and monetization capabilities, enabling frictionless trading between the different members of eXchange. 

Each member can directly onboard and manage their own services and solutions. Once onboarded to eXchange, services and solutions can be made available to all members of the community (pending commercial agreements between the different members). In this way, members can source services from other members to resell to their customers that include complete localization (language, currencies, taxes. etc’).

Automated orchestration and the provisioning of all services across the ecosystem is guaranteed and commercial models between the ecosystem partners are supported. This includes automated revenue allocation, partner settlement, multi-party commercial agreements and service orchestration. Members can define revenue sharing and flexible partner settlement agreements for selling their services through ecosystem partners and manage relationships with business partners.

The entire engagement is done through the eXchange portal, supported by insights and analytics tools, that provides the shop and self-service area for the members. 

CSPs that are members of eXchange are autonomous and completely independent of each other – if required, they can remain fully invisible and can use the platform to develop and manage their own B2B marketplace. They have access to the full suite of ecommerce capabilities, as well as all digital channels including shop and self-service, billing, fulfilment and analytical capabilities, combined with its own product catalogue but also having immediate access to the eXchange solutions catalogue.

eXchange in Action

eXchange was founded in May 2022 with the participation of TELUS, NTT, Accenture, Akamai Technologies, Google, AWS, Dell, Deutsche Telekom Europe, IBM, IoTdc, Lyse and NTT DATA. Participants continue to contribute and play an active role in the evolution of eXchange. 

A second meeting took place in Dublin in October 2022 in partnership with TELUS and Accenture, where participants deepened their understanding of the partnership and market opportunities that exist today, whilst also committing to taking action on moving the consortium forward.

Jayne Landry from Telus talks about Global B2B Consortium


Click here for more details: Global B2B Consortium

To date, eXchange has many technology solutions onboarded and available to its members and it continues to grow.

Our eXchange Partners

  • AWS
  • Microsoft
  • intel
  • Google
  • Telus
  • Dell
  • Amazon
  • Accenture
  • NTT
  • IoTDC
  • Akamai
  • NTT data

Global B2B Consortium at Mobile World Congress 2023 | Beyond Now

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