Infonova SaaS BSS is a cloud-native solution for CSPs who wish to capture new digital services opportunities, or to modernize their BSS/OSS environment and grow revenue fast.

A pre-integrated, secured, complete-suite BSS (business support system) that grows as your business grows. Delivered as SaaS, it helps CSPs reduce cost, increase automation, accelerate speed to market, and cut heavy operational and maintenance workload – while also ensuring business and IT have complete visibility, insight and control.

Infonova SaaS BSS is built on future-proof, secured cloud-native technology with Open APIs, and containerized micro-services architecture, supporting all lines of business – consumer, SMB, enterprise, wholesale – on a single BSS.

With a strong technology foundation and successful implementations across many communication providers from all geographies and all sizes, you can deploy Infonova SaaS BSS with confidence.

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Business benefits

  • Speed to market

    Power your business with the agility to get up and running faster, rapidly create and launch offerings with any pricing model in days, react fast to market change, and scale with success.

  • More ways to monetize

    Bundle and monetize digital solutions (5G, TV & Media, Cloud, ICT, IoT, etc.) that keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Leverage business insights

    Gain full visibility over all aspects of your business and operations using business analytics and insights.

  • Effective market expansion

    Enable sub-brands, MVNE/O, next-gen wholesale, and multiple business units on one platform – with full white labelling and multi-tenancy capabilities.

  • Pay as you grow

    Align your costs with the size and growth of your business with pay-per-use subscription.

  • Increase automation and agility

    Automate your end-to-end business processes, reduce workload of managing back-end systems, and free more time and resources for innovation.

Proven results

  • 50 reduction in opex costs
  • 95 of projects delivered on time
  • 1 week to launch a new offer

Infonova SaaS BSS diagram

Technical capabilites

  • A cloud-native SaaS BSS

    Future-proof your IT to a modern architecture, low upfront investment and low risk, with a cloud-native, containerized micro-services and Open API architecture.
  • Removes integration complexity

    Simple integration to existing IT & 3rd party systems using industry standard, award-winning Open APIs.
  • Latest version; More secured

    Always up to date with software upgrades available immediately with zero down-time using a public-cloud infrastructure with data protection assured.
  • Delivers more value, faster

    Using Agile and DevOps for shorter development and delivery cycles, rolling out new functionalities every 2 weeks.
  • Avoids complicated high-risk IT transformation projects

    Flexible transformation approach, supporting side-by-side, greenfield, managed transformation and more.
  • Comprehensive order management & service fulfillment

    Automates the complexity of dynamic service activation.
  • Unified customer view

    Consolidated over the entire customer lifecycle, spanning product and service inventory, order status, consumption & single-bill invoicing.
  • Flexible product catalog

    Accelerates speed to market and dynamizes your ability to bundle, sell, fulfil, monetize and support any product/service with any pricing model, to better serve customers’ expectations and needs.
  • Advanced billing and charging

    Supports any pricing model and consolidates all charges for all services; single bill, multi-currency & tax

BSS is the engine that powers CSP business – it enables your revenue growth and brings you closer to your customers.

To this day many CSPs find themselves with a BSS that is not fit for purpose, and still far from yielding the expected benefits, leaving them at great risk to being left behind by new, more agile competitors.

With an award-winning, future-proof technology stack based on industry standards, and a proven track record, Infonova SaaS BSS truly powers your business and sets you apart from the rest – giving you the agility to transform your business faster and the IT flexibility to meet business needs at speed.

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