New toolset leverages Generative AI and Machine Learning to enhance automation and precision in CSPs operations, delivering insightful solutions, anticipating their needs and the needs of their customers and partners

Dublin, Ireland – December 12, 2023 – Beyond Now, a fast-growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, today announced the release of its Wave AI Suite, a set of use cases that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI technology, including Generative AI (GenAI) and Machine Learning (ML), into its digital and ecosystem orchestration platforms. 

The Wave AI Suite empowers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with higher automation, and faster, more intelligent decision-making capabilities to improve operational efficiency and address resource challenges. It also supports CSPs in achieving optimal customer experience and faster time-to-revenue by providing personalized, accurate and precise ways of meeting customers’ and CSPs’ business objectives. Through the use of natural language, CSPs can receive recommendations to make changes and improvements to their Infonova Digital Business Platform, Infonova SaaS BSS or Marketplaces

We are excited to be taking the first steps in our journey towards unlocking the transformative capabilities of AI for our customers. For us, it is critical that we innovate and find new ways to leverage AI technology to help our customers deliver operational agility, improved experiences and the automation of user and customer journeys. We will test, develop, and adapt our offering alongside our customers as we continue to understand and explore opportunities to offer additional high impact AI-based use cases, especially leveraging our expertise in accelerating digital transformation and the adoption of new platform-based business models.

Andreas Gabriel, CTO, Beyond Now

The Suite is comprised of a growing number of tools and offers, including:

Faster Time-to-Revenue

CSPs can reduce time-to-market and gain confidence in launching offers faster.

  • Intelligent Product Management: Assistance for product managers in making changes or additions to the product catalogue using natural language. This helps product managers assess and de-risk the impact of price and product configuration changes. The Wave AI Suite provides additional support in creating innovative marketing content, text and images for new products and releases, helping CSPs to launch services faster.
Empowering Customers with Insights

The Wave AI Suite fosters personalized experiences by anticipating customer needs, designing guided customer journeys, and providing relevant recommendations.

Guided Journeys and Conversational AI: Customers can be guided through the solutions portfolio helping them to identify the most relevant, personalized solutions faster. This helps to reduce call centre and customer support loads for the CSP by offering self-service activities through conversational AI. The Suite also helps CSPs to optimize products and address inquiries about payments, invoices and services, coupled with status updates on orders.

Partner Ecosystem Utilization

Through intelligent matchmaking of customers and partners, CSPs can sell more and sell faster, by addressing specific, desired business outcomes for enterprise and SMB customers. This enables CSPs to accelerate the growth of their platform business models and marketplaces. 

Ease of Operations

Critically, Wave AI Suite solves operational efficiency challenges for CSPs by leveraging automation to achieve greater precision and accuracy in the effortless customization of solutions to fit unique business requirements.  

  • Anomaly Detection: Detect and act upon anomalies in the core business processes, ensuring operational effectiveness across orders, billing, and support services. This cuts down on time spent manually resolving issues for an erroneous order or service, with Wave AI Suite’s toolsets able to quickly identify a potential root cause with a proposed action for resolution.
Trusted and Ethical AI

Wave AI Suite is grounded in a commitment to delivering ethical, responsible, respectful, and fair AI-driven decisions, as well as prioritizing customers’ data privacy and security. The Suite helps ensure compliance with privacy regulations and industry standards through advanced encryption techniques, guardrails, and data anonymization protocols to protect customer data.


About Beyond Now
Beyond Now is a fast-growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider helping organizations harness technology and partner ecosystems as an engine for growth. Providing them with the best SaaS platforms, making it easier and faster for them, their partners and their customers, to seamlessly collaborate, innovate, create, sell, fulfil, monetize and manage technology solutions, at scale. 

Its portfolio includes Digital Business Platform, Digital Marketplace and BSS (Business Support System), delivered as SaaS (Software as a-service) and built on our award-winning Infonova software. The platforms are designed to help communications and technology providers (CSPs) experiment, monetize and orchestrate technology-based solutions, utilizing 5G, Cloud, Edge, AI and more; bringing them closer to their customers, helping them to drive higher efficiency and automation.

Beyond Now serves customers across the globe, including include NTT, TELUS, BT, AWS, TELIA, AUDI, Deutsche Telekom, Tata Communications, Lyse and A1, spanning different industries from telecommunications, media and entertainment, to IT and technology, financial, and automotive. We actively promote industry collaboration through our strategic partnerships with companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft, Accenture, NTT DATA and more, ensuring optimum flexibility and versatility to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Beyond Now Wave AI Suite: Your Gateway to Intelligent Transformation

Beyond Now Wave AI Suite: Your Gateway to Intelligent Transformation

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