NTT Group is a top 5 global telecom provider and one of Japan’s largest companies by market value. Looking to the future, they identified the potential of a new business model. This model would accelerate digital transformation, meet changing customer needs, and unlock new opportunities through B2B2x.


The heart of the solution: digital business platform

NTT Comware, a wholly owned systems integrator, collaborated with Beyond Now to implement a digital business platform. This platform is the key to delivering their strategy. The platform enables NTT subsidiaries to digitally transform their operations. This unifies their business support systems, increases operational efficiency, and improves customer service. Crucially, the digital platform also unlocks the potential for revenue growth through B2B2x. Drawing on an ecosystem of partners, NTT can offer highly tailored new services, combining 5G with business applications and advanced technologies such as IoT and AI, to meet the needs of any number of end-users. 




Orchestrating the ecosystem. Unlocking B2B2x.

The platform provides service management, CRM and contract management, catalogue and order management, fulfilment and partner orchestration. This technology supports the monetization of various types of businesses: B2C, B2B, SMB, Wholesale, and B2B2x. It also enables the creation of dynamic new industry marketplaces.

NTT Comware offers market-leading expertise in networks, middleware, and system development. They run the Beyond Now digital platform as a global cloud-native SaaS solution. This approach enables each NTT subsidiary to act as a separate, independent tenant on the platform. They have the ability to add their own ecosystem partners and sales channels and bring enterprise customers onto the platform as tenants, all within a fully frictionless and automated B2B2x model.


Outcomes: The platform for digital transformation

The ecosystem goes beyond the idea of something that adds value to our core business – and becomes the core business itself. It will be key to maintaining the competitive advantage of our business.

Kato Takashi, Vice President Corporate Strategy, NTT Comware

The Beyond Now digital business platform is enabling NTT to fully realise its vision for connecting hearts through technology, and accelerating digital transformation for itself, and for customers:

  • Unlocking the full potential of B2B2x.
  • Enhancing their ability to experiment, innovate and utilize new technologies including 5G, IoT, and AI.
  • Enabling the introduction of new business models and services tailored around customer needs.
  • Improving business agility and efficiency, automating processes and integrating ecosystem partners.


NTT Group understands the importance of operational agility and time-to-market for new services. And with 5G, revenue growth requires disruptive innovation to create new B2B2x models with partner ecosystems. The Beyond Now digital platform enables businesses to package connectivity with devices, IoT and AI into new products and services. NTT Group is setting an example for innovation that operators in the rest of the world must follow to deliver customer value and the revenue.

Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond Now


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