Business Objectives

Altibox’s vision was to simplify and reduce time-to-market and expand its customer reach by connecting its growing business partner ecosystem of regional service providers across Norway, among them Viken Fiber and NTE, broadening customer access to Altibox’s expanding range of services including full fiber broadband, TV and media.

Altibox sought to replace its legacy IT system with a centralized platform to cater to both its own needs and the needs of its network of partners that could:

  • Harmonize and automate internal and external IT landscapes
  • Streamline products and processes across all partners and provide a seamless experience for end customers
  • Enable Altibox’s partners to each operate as a separate tenant managed by a central platform
  • Manage revenue share and settlement between Altibox, partners and co-partners, with calculations and invoicing in line with the sold products to the end customer
  • Manage all types of services and offer x-play bundling
  • Reduce operational costs through simplified and mainstreamed ordering, billing and E2E product management

Supporting 40 partners with multi-tenancy to enable a partner business model for Altibox

Altibox partner ecosystemThe first step of the implementation involved bringing the Infonova Digital Business Platform into the Altibox system landscape for Altibox services before rolling it out to partners in the ecosystem. Altibox has now successfully begun the migration of 40 partners and its existing customer base of approximately 550k subscribers (residential homes) onto the platform, a full migration from legacy systems including partner legacy systems and all subscribers.

The implementation benefits from seamless platform upgrades, due to a separation of core product and integration layer, giving Altibox the control and flexibility to change and upgrade fast and with minimum risk. This eliminates time-consuming or costly updates as all customizations take place outside of the platform via microservices and APIs. Altibox can therefore successfully adopt updated core service packs in a few hours, and major version upgrades within a few business days.

With its open APIs, the platform’s flexibility and scalability also allows Altibox to take on new partners, experiment with new business models and try out new customer offerings – which it can swiftly withdraw if they don’t work out.

Altibox and Beyond Now worked closely as one team towards the go-live goal. With a joint integration and development team consisting of people from both business and IT, the success of the implementation stems from this collaborative, goal-focused approach, concentrating purely on the needs of Altibox and overcoming challenges as one unit to deliver on them. 

“Today’s digital ecosystems are hugely significant in shaping tomorrow’s market for digital services, and CSPs must be ready. Establishing an expandable ecosystem of third-party partners and service providers is at the heart of our strategy, and it’s critical that we have the right technology platform in place to support it. With Beyond Now, we have a partner that clearly understands our business model and goals, plus the expectations of our customers, and who we can rely on to continue to grow our partner ecosystem. The Infonova platform provides us with an important competitive advantage in a very crowded market, as well as being a secure foundation for us to succeed with our digital services.”

Thomas Skjelbred, CEO, Altibox

Reducing complexity, empowering partners and taking back control

The platform supports and monetizes Altibox’s growing customer base, and its partners gain fast and straightforward access to Altibox’s range of unique consumer and business services. Leveraging the Infonova ecosystem management and multi-tenancy capabilities, Altibox will use the single platform to connect and manage 40 business partners selling communication services to residential customers, as well as offering tailormade B2B solutions to enterprise customers; powering its partners to manage their businesses independently from other partners, and on a central level   securing standardization and time-to-market to develop their market offerings.

The platform will simplify and harmonize the billing landscape of Altibox and its regional service provider partners and manage the monetization across the end-to-end ecosystem.

The platform streamlines and automates customer orders, billing and product management, which in turn reduces operating costs, improves efficiency and accelerates time to market for new customer activations and services. Real-time updates provide transparency for Altibox and its partners/customers. In the end, Altibox will deliver an enhanced and consistent user experience for all customers, across all partners.

The implementation of Infonova has enabled Altibox to establish an expandable ecosystem, in line with their strategy that they expect digital ecosystems to define tomorrow’s business landscape. This supports plans to grow the ecosystem with other verticals enabling partnering with different industry verticals and offering innovative products and services through bundling combinations of Altibox connectivity with own and partner services.

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The Norwegian CSP Altibox provides a wide range of telecom products and fiber to the home (FTTH) multi-play services to more than 550.000 end customers and enterprise customers, distributed across 40 partners in Norway and Denmark. The platform built by Altibox provides an IP-based, fiber-optic broadband network, supporting video, voice and data. Altibox products and services include Internet, IP TV, VOD, OTT TV, SVOD and VoIP. Altibox finished the deployment of gigabit infrastructure in 2016, and launched its next-generation 4K UHD TV on-demand service in 2017. Altibox is a 100% subsidiary of the Lyse Group.

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