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Sweden’s Telia Company serves around 24 million fixed and mobile subscribers in 9 northern and eastern European countries.

In early 2017, Division X was formed as a separate division, tasked to spearhead innovation and generate new avenues for revenue growth, accelerating Telia Group’s activities in emerging business areas (e.g. industrial IoT, health, smart cities) using advanced IoT and AI technologies, building on strong collaboration with Telia’s local markets, as well as a growing partner ecosystem. 

Through using Beyond Now’s Infonova Digital Business Platform, Division X is empowered to monetize and orchestrate its offerings across local markets and partner ecosystems. This also gives Division X the agility and speed to react to dynamic business needs, experiment with new business models and charging models, and develop, fulfil and monetize new IoT offerings at speed. A single platform across local affiliates gives Telia the advantage of developing and managing offerings centrally while enabling localization of solutions. (e.g. local partners, languages, currencies and taxes).

Telia Company with Beyond

Key Business Benefits 

A new avenue for revenue growth 

Division X is driving a 20% YoY growth, serving customers across transport, automotive, utilities, healthcare and smart cities segments.

Becoming the hub for enterprise customers

Division X is using the platform to bring together an ecosystem of partners, and to jointly develop and sell solutions that better fit to Telia’s global enterprise customers’ needs, helping them to transform their businesses faster. Division X already serves more than 600 enterprise customers.

Leveraging economies of scale

By using Infonova Digital Business Platform’s advanced multi-tenancy capabilities, Division X centrally develops and manages IoT offerings while enabling localization of operations and offerings in the different markets, including branding, currencies, taxes and languages, as well as adding local partners. Today, Division X uses the platform across 4 different countries with 4 languages and 4 tax regulations.

Experimenting, monetizing and growing with new business models

In 2019 alone, Division X onboarded 70 IoT solutions spanning many LOBs (health, industrial IoT, AI, smart cities, smart buildings, waste management etc.), leveraging the flexibility and the business and charging models enabled by the platform (e.g. B2B2x, Anything-as-a-Service, Device-as-a-Service, B2B, wholesale etc.). 
From simple monthly recurring charging, to complex rating, tiering and discounts, the platform effectively supports customer billing and partner settlement across different countries. A service agnostic product catalog also provides Telia the flexibility to model and monetize any type of IoT offerings.  

Division X was created because we needed a way to funnel innovation in the company, to experiment with emerging businesses and to scale them fast where we uncovered real potential for the business to grow. We provide a structure, a platform to our business that enables rapid time to market.

Mats Nilsson, Head of Shared Technology, Division X

Reducing time to market and accelerating innovation and speed

Division X leverages the platform for fast onboarding of new IoT services – from investigating concepts to workshop and design phase, prototyping, PoCs and launching MVPs – in less than two months end-to-end. This positions Telia to further scale up to a full commercial offer with reduced time to market.
Infonova Digital Business Platform, underpinned by standardized APIs, allows for faster integration of the platform with Telia’s existing legacy IT and operations, and enables Telia to increase internal efficiencies with increased automation of fulfillment of end-to-end business processes, which drives faster service onboarding.

Ability to react fast to market change

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Telia Company rapidly introduced a number of new services leveraging Infonova Digital Business Platform:

COVID-19 Home Monitoring

Telia partnered with Tactio to develop a comprehensive Coronavirus monitoring program enabling medical doctors to remotely monitor and communicate with at-risk COVID-19 patients from the safety of their own homes, thus preserving valuable hospital bed capacity for high-risk patients.

Telia City Vitality Insights (CVI)

Telia City Vitality Insights (CVI) utilizes devices to monitor the location of individuals with anonymized data, and allows cities to measure crowd movements and visualize impacts of COVID-19 measures.

In October 2020, Telia was named one of the ten world-leading communication service providers when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and strategies, by leading research firm Transforma Insights, following an analysis of dozens of operators in terms of scale and globalization of offering. Learn more about Telia Company

TM Forum Digital Excellence Awards Finalist Beyond Connectivity

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Telia Company is the leading telephone and mobile network operator in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Baltic regions operating 13 brands with over 23M customers. It is the 5th largest telecommunications provider in Europe and has operations extending into Asia.

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