The new advanced partner management solution is designed to support any type of partnership, empowering CSPs to unlock revenue growth with their partner ecosystem, at scale 

Dublin, Ireland – 11th June 2024 – Beyond Now, a fast-growing, AI-powered ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, today announced the launch of its Partner Orchestration Solution: The next generation of partner management.  

The new SaaS-based solution serves as a command center for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), enabling them to coordinate and orchestrate interactions, services, products, and data sharing across different types of partners, including solutions partners, resellers, go-to-market channel partners, and other CSPs. By providing a single place for managing partners’ onboarding and interactions efficiently and flexibly, CSPs can expand their partner networks at scale and with confidence.  

Collaborating effectively with their partner ecosystem represents one of the most important growth opportunities for CSPs across their B2C, B2B, IoT or wholesale businesses. However CSPs' current IT systems lack the automation and scalability needed for seamless partnering processes. Existing partner management solutions were designed to support small scale linear partnership, where a partner was either a vendor or a reseller. New market realities are also forcing CSPs to rethink their partner ecosystem strategy and accelerate collaborations with technology partners and industry specialists. Many report the need to manage 100s or even 1000s of partners simultaneously. As well as supporting different partnership models such as the B2B2X or co-creation models, this requires from CSPs a new level of partners empowerment, automation and the utlization of AI & analytics.  

Beyond Now’s Partner Orchestration Solution, powered by its Infonova Digital Business Platform and Wave AI Suite, solves these issues by standardizing and automating partner-related processes. Key features include:  

  • Using AI-driven insights to inspire growth opportunities: Leveraging advanced data analytics and AI-driven insights from our integrated Wave AI Suite, CSPs can identify strategic growth opportunities within their partner ecosystem. By harnessing the power of data, CSPs and their partners can make informed decisions, optimize partnership strategies, and drive sustainable growth in their organizations.  
  • Centralized product catalogue management: By unifying product catalogues across all partners on one platform, CSPs ensure consistency and accuracy in product information. This centralized approach streamlines operations, reduces errors, and enhances the overall customer experience. 
  • Empowerment of partners: The platform provides partners with a user-friendly environment to onboard and manage their services and products, fostering autonomy and productivity throughout the partner journey. This empowerment leads to quicker decision-making, improved collaboration, and ultimately, increased efficiency in delivering solutions to customers. 
  • Adaptability to a variety of commercial models: The flexible platform supports diverse partnership structures and arrangements, allowing CSPs to adapt to any partnership model including B2B2X and any commercial model. Whether it's revenue sharing or other arrangements, the platform enables seamless integration and operation within different business frameworks. 
  • Task automation and delegation: -Automating task allocation and management frees up time for CSPs to focus on strategic business initiatives. By shifting routine tasks to partners and empowering them to handle these tasks independently, CSPs can allocate resources more efficiently and drive innovation within their organizations. 

Once a partner is successfully onboarded, its IT systems are integrated via open API technology onto the platform. Its product portfolio is then reviewed, approved, and published to the platform catalogue while an automated commercial settlement is calculated based on partner agreements. The platform also supports task and ticket handling, which can all be viewed on the central incident management dashboard. As the partnership progresses, CSPs can use partner dashboards to continuously manage, and measure data insights based on agreed KPIs.   

Where CSPs must rapidly adapt to evolving market demands, the Partner Orchestration Solution stands as an indispensable asset, augmenting the capabilities of every business's partner ecosystem. By eliminating redundant silos and consolidating partners onto a unified platform, CSPs and their partners can better address the needs of their customers. They can transcend conventional barriers, co-create future-ready solutions and serve CSPs customers more effectively and efficiently; the Partner Orchestration Solution serves as a transformative catalyst for the industry.

Andreas Gabriel, CTO, Beyond Now



About Beyond Now 

Beyond Now, is a fast-growing, AI-powered ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, helping organizations harness technology and partner ecosystems as an engine for growth. Providing them with the best SaaS platforms, making it easier and faster for them, their partners and their customers, to seamlessly collaborate, innovate, create, sell, fulfil, monetize and manage technology solutions, at scale.  

Its portfolio includes Digital Business Platform, Digital Marketplace and BSS (Business Support System), delivered as SaaS (Software as a-service), built on its award-winning Infonova software, and powered by the Wave AI Suite. The platforms are designed to help communications and technology providers (CSPs) experiment, monetize and orchestrate technology-based solutions, utilizing 5G, Cloud, Edge, AI and more; bringing them closer to their customers, helping them to drive higher efficiency and automation. 

Beyond Now serves customers across the globe, including NTT, TELUS, BT, AWS, TELIA, Deutsche Telekom, Tata Communications, Lyse and A1, spanning different industries from telecommunications, media and entertainment, to IT and technology, financial, and automotive. It actively promotes industry collaboration through strategic partnerships with companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft, Accenture, NTT DATA and more, ensuring optimum flexibility and versatility to meet customers’ changing needs. 

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