Business objectives

HD+ projected growth figures of over 1 million paying customers by end 2012, which was achieved in February 2013. To cope with this rapid growth, the company sought a new customer management and billing platform, replacing their existing homegrown solution.

HD+ was looking for a single solution that would serve to support both pre-paid and post-paid satellite customers, enabling them to introduce offers quickly to the market and attain business goals.

Integration of a powerful and highly automated customer order management and billing solution

HD+ needed a solution that would be able to cope with their expanding customer base without the hassle of a lengthy transformation program, one that could be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape and channels to market.

Flexible catalog and billing capabilities would allow HD+ to introduce offerings to the market quickly, at the same time giving the business the freedom to innovate and build these offerings as the landscape changed. The solution needed to support customer management as well as effective billing and collection.

The Infonova BSS provided a customer management and billing solution, with highly automated order management to trigger service activation and enable efficient collection of the HD+ service fee via different payment channels (HD+ web shop (website) and call center). It seamlessly integrated into the business’s existing system landscape to take control of all HD+ linear HDTV service related business processes in the call center and back office, and enabled the easy onboarding of new services, as well as automated, easily reconcilable monthly bill runs, including crediting and collections.

With Infonova BSS, HD+’s customers are now all managed in one place – an ultra-lean call center service team and the HD+ web shop therefore draw from the same, consistent source of customer data.

Anonymous pre-paid customers and post-paid subscription customers unified on one, central platform

Following the initial integration to manage HD+’s pre-paid customers, Infonova BSS subsequently empowered HD+ to introduce post-paid offerings, managing both options through one, unified platform.

The Infonova BSS gives HD+ the ability to launch new products as subscription-based or pre-paid with vastly improved time-to-market, driven by actual business needs for both simple and more complex product bundles in combination with bespoke promotions.

With Beyond Now’s Infonova BSS in place, HD+ now successfully manages one-off and subscription-based HD TV services for more than 2 million customers.

We have selected and trust in Beyond Now and Infonova BSS as this platform enables us to be prepared for the requirements of the market. We´d like to always submit an ideal product & service offer to our customers. Infonova BSS, as the central system for customer management and management of all our business processes, will optimally support us in delivering this objective.

Georg Agnes, Managing Director of Operations and Development, HD+

Expanding into the B2B market

The Infonova platform is scalable and extendable, supporting bundling and monetization of products and services from and to other partners – putting HD+ in an ideal position to easily adapt to future market requirements. HD+ is now looking to provide services to B2B customers in addition to their existing B2C market.

The Infonova BSS multi-tenant partner ecosystem functionality will enable HD+ to expand into the B2B market without disruption to their existing business. HD+ plans (end 2018) to transition to the latest version of Infonova software (8.1), an upgrade that introduces standardized open APIs, enabling the exposure of key B2B functionality to business partners and empowering HD+ to independently integrate into a wider B2B IT landscape.

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HD PLUS is a subsidiary of SES, a world-leading satellite operator offering a range of satellite-based communication solutions on a global scale. HD PLUS provides an open platform for satellite HDTV broadcasters in the German market place, providing packages of high definition digital satellite TV channels for German speaking viewers. HD+ was launched in 2009 as a portfolio of broadcast offerings and currently offers 23 HD channels and 3 UHD channels.

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