What is an ecosystem orchestration platform?

In general terms, an ecosystem is an open, multi-sided collaboration between different parties. These parties can include: the internal units of an organization, current and future business partners, and customers.

Ecosystem orchestration involves the strategic management and coordination of interactions and relationships within an ecosystem. Through this orchestration, diverse partners collaborate more efficiently by pooling their knowledge, resources and tools, resulting in innovative solutions that benefit the entire ecosystem. This orchestrated approach has the potential to yield favourable outcomes for all parties, from the service provider to the end customer, including enhanced sustainability and heightened economic growth.

An effective ecosystem orchestration platform will enable an exchange of ideas/products/services or information in a seamless and iterative way and will include operative processes and tools to share the benefits between the parties. Such an ecosystem orchestration platform can help CSPs generate new ideas, drive innovation, expand offerings, increase reach and grow their revenue. How does this translate to growth for CSPs? The ecosystem orchestration platform redefines collaboration for CSPs. With co-creation and co-innovation enabling a more diverse portfolio of offerings, the right ecosystem orchestration platform will truly benefit those customers of a CSP who seek to take advantage of new technologies such as 5G, Edge and IoT to solve their digital needs.

Creating a unified customer experience with an ecosystem orchestration platform

The telco landscape is seeing a surge in multi-party innovation, particularly in the digital era where flexible service components drive unprecedented opportunities. Telcos are moving to the techco model in response to new technology, such as 5G, which demands business innovation to match the innovation offered by the tech. In this context, the co-innovation of sophisticated, distinct offerings coupled with a first-mover advantage becomes paramount. This isn't just a trend; it's the new imperative.

Leveraging an ecosystem orchestration platform through our Infonova Digital Business Platform, empowers CSPs with strategic advantages that accelerate growth, such as:

  • All lines of business in one place: Imagine a singular platform that seamlessly embraces diverse business lines – B2C, B2B, 5G, SMBs, IoT, and more – all accessed through unified customer sign-on enabled by IDM integration.
  • Unified customer experience: The orchestration platform simplifies intricate customer buying journeys across all business lines, ensuring smooth transitions between services, enhancing customer experiences.
  • Power of partner networks: The platform harnesses the collective strength of partner ecosystems, intertwining solutions, sales, support, and knowledge sharing. This orchestrated synergy bridges gaps and fuels collective growth.
  • Amplified automation: From initiation to monetization, the platform automates the entire selling and monetization process across diverse partners and parties, fostering operational efficiency.
  • Scalability unleashed: Delivered through a scalable SaaS model, the platform's open APIs facilitate seamless integrations, paving the way for sustained expansion.
  • Strategic gradual rollouts: The orchestration journey mirrors customer adoption and revenue growth, ensuring a calibrated rollout that resonates with the market.

Supporting customer aspirations: a cornerstone of CSP progress

As CSPs steer their course, they must align with aspirations of SMB and enterprise customers and bridge the gap between their customers wants and their own solutions. SMB and enterprise customers seek more than technology; they desire integrated solutions yielding concrete outcome-based solutions. Their demands are clear: streamlined experiences, transparency, flexibility, and a fast route to value.

CSPs wield the power to be a transformative force for these businesses through the ecosystem orchestration platform. This innovative framework empowers CSPs to:

  • Optimize investment returns: Effortlessly generate revenue growth by leveraging orchestrated ecosystems while curbing costs and optimizing resources.
  • Sustainably expand: Sidestep escalated development, sales, and marketing expenses. Instead, capitalize on your existing customer base to foster sustainable growth.
  • Accelerate GTM: The orchestration platform empowers swift introduction of offerings, seizing market trends and showcasing your agility.
  • Scale strategically: Beyond scalability, the platform ensures a path of repetition and growth, propelling you toward sustained success.


An ecosystem orchestration platform heralds an era where growth isn't a mere milestone for CSPs; it's an ongoing journey, working with partners, customers, and resources toward a unified outcome of business reinvention.

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