Dublin, Ireland - 14 June, 2022 – Beyond Now, a fast-growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, announced today that customers are now able to easily purchase and deploy its Infonova Digital Business Platform through the AWS Marketplace. This gives customers the ability to rapidly build digital marketplaces for SMEs, IoT, enterprise and consumer businesses, while leveraging new technologies such as Cloud, Edge, and 5G. This solution also allows for the co-development of solutions with an ecosystem of partners and supports onboarding, selling and monetization at scale.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses. 

Beyond Now and the cloud service provider have worked together since 2018 to help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) increase operational agility, accelerate speed to market, and monetize new B2B, IoT, Edge and 5G multi-party offerings. The SaaS-based, cloud-native Infonova Digital Business Marketplace is used to easily integrate AWS’s highly secure and feature rich offerings with CSPs’ own services and third-party solutions. CSPs can then build their own marketplace for an integrated, easy-to-use solution for its B2B customers.

Beyond Now’s offering being available via AWS Marketplace will benefit customers with rapid set up and deployment of the Infonova Digital Marketplace, ease of integration with well documented Open APIs, scalability and elasticity that allows customers to start small and scale up as business grows. Infonova leverages AWS IoT services and AWS Marketplace to enable CSPs to build and monetize an exciting array of solutions to meet their growing needs. 

Through the Infonova Digital Business Marketplace, AWS Marketplace customers are able to: 

  • Grow revenue and scale up with an ecosystem of partners
  • Empower partners to self-onboard and manage the sale of their services in the marketplace
  • Have full control and governance, fast on-boarding, visibility of orders, transparency of payments and revenue
  •  Automate partner services, including ordering and fulfilment processes 
  • Support the monetization of partner solutions, covering any partnership model, commercial model or settlement agreement.

We’ve been working with Service Providers who are looking to grow revenue by accelerating the adoption of new technologies (5G, Edge, Cloud etc.) and business models through a partner ecosystem. By making Infonova available on the AWS Marketplace, we’re giving our customers the best of both worlds. Through the global reach of AWS cloud and it’s extensive ecosystem of partners, combined with our advanced orchestration and monetisation capabilities, customers can build their own marketplaces, modernize their BSS and embrace digital business platform models. As we’re already a member of the AWS ISV Accelerate program, this is another positive step forward in the continued evolution of our partnership

Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond Now

Learn more about the requirements and benefits of the AWS Marketplace and about Beyond Now at www.beyondnow.com


About Beyond Now

Beyond Now is a fast-growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, powering organizations to launch new services at speed and grow revenue by utilizing our digital platform, digital marketplace and SaaS BSS. Our platforms are designed to help our customers experiment, monetize and orchestrate services while taking advantage of new technologies such as cloud, edge, IoT, AI, 5G and more. We enable them to co-create solutions with a growing network of partners; bringing them closer to their customers, helping drive higher efficiency and automation, taking them further, faster, Beyond Now.
We serve customers across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, spanning industries from telecommunications, media and entertainment, to tech and IT, financial, and automotive. 

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