Remote health care services is one of the important use-cases which can be enabled with 5G roll outs. The TM Forum catalyst project, Skynet, explores borderless collaboration across CSPs and health care players for better management and control of epidemics or natural disasters.

  • Skynet, the global portal for the handling of epidemics or times of crisis, is coordinated with global support from the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • The health ministry of each country establishes agreement with country-primary CSPs, who in turn, engage with local partners for health care services and device suppliers (apps, sensors, drones, etc.).
  • Hospitals in each region, as the clients of Skynet, can draw support in time of crisis by activating the Skynet support services they require.

The catalyst demonstrates how remote health care services including drone-based inspection, image analytics, remote diagnostics and potentially robotic surgery can come together to support medical crises where global collaboration is needed. It explores a scenario where several people have reported sick in a local hospital immediately after a voyage to another country. The UK hospital needs to collect some samples from the island and then consult doctors in France and Japan to quickly get to the root of the problem and control the spread of the disease. The WHO is involved to ensure the disease is contained.

Beyond Now has engaged with catalyst champions to contribute to the Skynet architecture and use cases.

TM Forum Skynet Catalyst Project

In particular, the Beyond Now Infonova Digital Business Platform is being leveraged as the enabling platform the diverse ecosystem of partners involved in solving the use-case, including the multiple CSPs from different geographies. It orchestrates and manages the set of end-to-end hybrid remote health care services across the multi-carrier environment, providing global business and service assurance.

In addition, the Beyond Now Infonova Digital Business Platform provides CRM and product catalog functionality for the Skynet portal, and partner management & monetization of the partners supplying health care services and devices.

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