Spoiler alert: just like 3G and 4G, selling 5G connectivity is a dead end for CSPs. The market is coming to eat your lunch, so if you’re serious about growth, you need to start acting very differently. True value lies in offering complete solutions, where connectivity is a component, integrated with additional technologies such as cloud, edge, AI and IoT​.

B2B is the north star for 5G revenues. How do CSPs get there?

For millions of SMBs, the value of 5G lies in what it makes possible – as an enabling technology for more advanced solutions. Our special report explores your route to 5G revenue growth – where the market is heading, and how to get there.

5G for SMEs: what does it mean for CSPs?

SMEs represent 99% of the world’s businesses. In joint research with Omdia we uncover the potential of SMEs for CSPs, with many SMEs already seeing value in 5G and viewing CSPs as their trusted 5G go-to partner. Download the report to find out more.

Accelerate your 5G business

Listen to the Beyond Now Accelerator podcast series. Hear how industry leaders like Vodafone and Telenor are embracing technology partnerships to build their 5G business. 

SMBs need more support. Here’s how you can be their 5G hero.

SMBs understand the importance of 5G, but they see it as just one part of a broader technology solution. Read our report to understand more about SMBs’ technology needs – and how you can meet those needs through a digital marketplace.

Explore further how to build a successful SMB digital marketplace

Explore further how to build a successful SMB digital marketplace

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