An unmatched customer experience:
TM Forum’s award winning Phygital Store Catalyst

Customer expectations are changing

Online shopping has completely altered shopping experience and the “traditional” physical store is changing. The new obstacle for retailers and network operators is how to turn potential clientele from visitors into loyal customers.

Retail digital transformation is changing buyer expectations: 62% of buyers are interested in brands who know exactly what they are expecting, 60% of people from 18 to 24 like to go to stores where they can do more than just purchasing, and 57% of buyers would like brands to deliver unique experiences.*

These are the drivers for service providers to rethink how to transform the physical store to better support their customers – by anticipating their needs in an efficient and personalized way – thereby creating “an unmatched customer experience”.

*Source: OpinionWay

TM Forum Phygital Store Catalyst Project

Phygital Store – blending physical and digital customer interactions

The Digital and Interactive One-Stop Shop, creates one fully integrated interface connecting digital and physical dimensions/tools to ensure that the retail store experience is more engaging, more secure and faster, leading to better customer experience and higher satisfaction. It explores how the CSP can partner with other service providers, e.g. insurance providers, music streaming providers etc., to give the customer wider choice range through a one-stop-shop experience.

This catalyst showcases a customer journey use case and models multiple touch points between the customer and the service provider using a variety of technologies ranging from mobile online, robot chatbot interaction, in-store gaming and personalized 360-degree customer engagement.

Mobile App:

The customer journey starts with “@home claim management” where a broken smart phone claim can be logged via a mobile app.


The customer then has an in-store welcome by a natural language robot chatbot agent – an exciting, modern experience for the customer and a staff-saving measure for the service provider.

Agent Interaction:

Expert sales engagement is facilitated with a 360⁰ view of the customer’s profile and history data on an in-store tablet used by the sales agent. Using AI on this data, the service provider can also actively prompt cross and up-selling opportunities to the agent, simultaneously giving the customer the feeling of knowing exactly what he wants and needs.

Marketing promotions & GDPR:

The catalyst use case also explores gamification to turn GDPR into a monetization opportunity for privacy marketing – by giving consent to create a marketing profile via a quiz game, the customer receives personalized loyalty rewards from partner offers based on the gathered profile in the game (e.g. Netflix rewards for movie lovers, or restaurant points for foodies). The virtual privacy vault, a secure GDPR compliant solution to manage all customer related data, ensures the trust of the customer by managing and controlling the consent for his data sharing, enabling the customer to monetize his data to 3rd parties.

Up and cross sell:

The service provider can offer the customer adjacent services from partners based on the customer’s data, in this case, insurance for the repaired telephone as part of a secure mobile telephony package.


Finally, this catalyst shows how services providers can leverage their retail distribution NPS (Net Promoter Score) increase – by delivering an outstanding and personalized in-store experience, the customer leaves satisfied and more willing to recommend the brand to peers.

Beyond Now’s role

The Phygital Store Catalyst leverages TM Forum Open APIs and GDPR management to build a trusted, E2E customer experience solution, allowing the CSP to decrease churn rates, increase customer satisfaction, and offer packages of connectivity and adjacent services via a partner ecosystem. In this catalyst Beyond Now leverages the Infonova BSS solution via standard APIs to deliver:

  • Product catalog definition and management, customer management, and order management
  • Order decomposition, service fulfilment and usage monetization
  • Billing, charging and settlement
  • Multi-party collaboration (partner ecosystem) and partner management
  • Partner billing settlement/multi-partner settlements & monetization


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