Business Objectives

Mergers and acquisitions within iiNet had led to a complex business & IT landscape, necessitating the need to consolidate sub-brands onto a single platform, in turn increasing automation within business processes and improving the ordering and rating parts of its business. Through leveraging the capabilities of the Beyond Now Infonova BSS platform iiNet sought to increase business growth on a greater scale.

Automation and multi-branding adds value and growth to individual businesses and the ecosystem as a whole

The Infonova BSS enabled iiNet to more easily integrate and manage products and services on one platform including mobile, home phone, broadband, VoIP, DSL, web hosting, hardware, call packs, Netflix options and more.

iiNet leveraged the BSS, with its advanced provisioning and rating components, as a central ecosystem to manage its various brands for consumers and government customers. Infonova BSS is designed to work seamlessly with all systems, and interfaces to the necessary external systems involved in the implementation, as well as iiNet’s pre-existing IT systems, giving the company the flexibility to utilize its current billing system in conjunction with the BSS.

The Infonova BSS effectively streamlined and automated key processes, enabling a reduction in manual interactions and a faster overall end-to-end experience. All parties attached to the platform could take advantage of the platform’s BSS stack to manage their own selection of products and services, adding value to their individual businesses and the ecosystem as a whole. 

BSS platform expediates delivery of new products and services for customers and increases business growth

The implementation of the Infonova BSS into iiNet’s business processes successfully improved iiNet’s ordering and rating system and provided additional automation capabilities, resulting in lower operational costs, a better customer experience and therefore a higher ROI over its main customer base. Furthermore, previously acquired companies attached to the platform were then able to independently utilise the BSS as a full BSS stack.

The Infonova BSS delivers business rule-driven triple-play services for the Australian market and reduced time-to-market for new products from 10-12 months to just days. With the platform, the company has the speed and agility to easily configure and price new products, aggregating additional products and services seamlessly into its existing IT systems environment and offering new products and services to customers.

iiNet is now equipped for future market requirements with a platform that enables a fast implementation of new, innovative business models, which are increasingly including bundling and monetization of products and services from adjacent industry partners.

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iiNet, now owned by TPG, is an Australian Internet Service Provider and a leading challenger in the communications market, maintaining its own broadband network nationally and supporting over 1.8 million services Australia-wide. The company offers bundles of products and services to business and residential with over 1.3 million customers and employs over 2500 staff across three countries.

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