Why are SMBs crucial to your business growth?

99% of businesses are SMBs, representing an estimated $433 billion in 5G revenue.

During the pandemic nearly 80% of SMBs increased their reliance on technologies, recognizing the importance to their business.

So far, many service providers have tried to tap into this market, but with limited success.

Why a digital marketplace is what you need

SMBs (small and medium businesses) and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) lack the repeatability of the consumer business and the deep pockets of an enterprise.

A digital marketplace can help service providers bridge this gap, as it allows the use of digital channels to market, sell and manage services, and offers the service provider a simple way to grow their revenue by reselling partner services, as well as a fast and efficient way to reach their SMB and SME customers at scale.

A digital marketplace enables the SMB the convenience of shopping and buying services digitally and gives them access to many services in a single place.

Why our SMB Marketplace can take you further and faster

Our experience shows that reselling services doesn’t yield the expected results for service providers and doesn’t support SMBs’ needs.

That’s why our Digital Marketplace is designed to enable you to sell SMB solutions, leveraging a combination of technologies (ICT, IoT, 5G, Security, AI, etc.), powering you to really solve SMB business problems, automated, and at scale.

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How can you grow your SMB business with an SMB Digital Marketplace?


Business benefits

  • Intuitive digital shopfront & self-serve

    Simple, unified experience for SMB customers to shop, get a quote, buy, pay and manage their business solutions.

  • Supports the full customer lifecycle

    Spanning all customer consumption and usage needs, including upsell, upgrade, & change processes.

  • Seamless orchestration & automation

    Automate the packaging, ordering, fulfilment, monetization and settlement of SMB solutions across any number of vendors/partners.

  • Advanced partner enablement

    Partners can self-onboard, manage and monitor the performance of their own services, with full visibility and transparency of orders, payments and revenue.

  • Powerful analytics & insights

    Monitor business performance & gain targeted insights through dynamic dashboards, pre-defined and customizable reports, and built-in widgets.

  • Expanded SMB & SME solutions

    Quickly package own services with available partner services like AWS, Google workspace, MS365, etc.

SMB marketplace analytics

How we support our customers in creating their SMB Digital Marketplace

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Explore further how to build a successfull SMB digital marketplace

Explore further how to build a successfull SMB digital marketplace

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