SMBs are sophisticated adopters of technology, already linking tech to their business resilience. They are looking to get more, and willing to pay more. It’s a real opportunity for CSPs who can find a viable business case to connect with SMBs needs and expectations.   


The playbook for thriving SMB-CSP relationships

Download the playbook, and gain a deeper understanding of how CSPs can nurture SMBs’ positive relationships with technology and how they can bridge between SMBs’ expectations to their need to achieve a viable business case and growth.

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Join our experts to workshop a different approach to the SMB opportunity – understanding SMB mindsets, and exploring how you co-create and scale solutions through the digital marketplace.

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The idea of ICT solutions that are built for small and medium-sized businesses - they’re not something that currently exists.

IT Director, Construction, U.S.A.

When I think of CSPs, I think of telephone services primarily. To integrate into other areas such as devices and hardware, I would be more attracted to the offering if they collaborated with a provider with proven expertise.

Solution Architect, professional services, US

Six steps to a viable SMB Digital Marketplace

The demand is there. But how do CSPs make it happen? How do they meet the increasingly complex and individualistic needs of SMBs with a model that makes business sense? In our blog, Michal Harris, VP Global Marketing at Beyond Now, shows telcos the way forward via the digital marketplace.

How CSPs can become their digital transformation partner

It’s time to update our perception of small medium businesses (SMBs). Gone are the days when they were seen as slow to adopt new technology.

Explore further how to build a successful SMB digital marketplace

Explore further how to build a successful SMB digital marketplace

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