CSPs: it’s time to reacquaint yourselves with today’s SMBs

The Small Medium Business’ of today are sophisticated, technology savvy, and quite independent when it comes to technology consumption. Despite impending recession, SMBs are not afraid to invest in technology as they understand it’s a key factor in improving business resilience. This global research outlines the opportunities and challenges SMBs face in making the most of their technology investments and explores why CSPs are in prime position to help and why now is the time to act.

The playbook for thriving SMB-CSP relationships

SMBs represent a significant opportunity for CSPs to generate B2B growth, if they can step up and capture a leading role in supporting SMBs with the digitalization of their businesses. However, to date, CSPs have avoided going deep into the SMB market due to the inherent complexity of serving such a diverse segment. This playbook shed light on how CSPs can nurture SMBs’ positive relationships with technology. It focuses on the need to understand the starting position for those who want to serve SMBs and aim to connect the dots to offer a bridge between SMBs’ expectations and what CSPs need to do to achieve a viable business case and growth

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