The digital employee is an opportunity, often ignored, for CSPs to make a start in enterprise 5G. The shift to service jobs is well known, but it is, perhaps, less well understood that manufacturing and trade jobs are changing as well, incorporating more skills from the domain of knowledge workers. The key challenge is providing the digital tools to serve these upskilled digital employees.

As a result, CSPs need to look at mobile-first productivity apps, extending access to information and enterprise systems out into the field, and advanced media experiences such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR/AR and haptic applications are demanding in bandwidth, and even more so in latency, and therefore stand to benefit most of all from 5G.

Unlocking the Potential of 5G-Enabled Services for Stationary, Hybrid, and Mobile Workers

In today's dynamic business landscape, where remote work, flexible schedules, and on-the-go productivity have become the norm, the need for advanced connectivity solutions has never been more critical. The advent of 5G technology presents an incredible opportunity for both communications service providers and enterprises to empower stationary, hybrid, and mobile workers with enhanced digital tools. 5G-enabled services can revolutionize the way CSPs support data processing, live data sharing, and sensor data, while also catering to the unique demands of the modern workforce.

The Shifting Workforce Landscape

It is no secret that the nature of employment is rapidly evolving. While the rise of service jobs is well-documented, there is a lesser-known transformation taking place in manufacturing and trade sectors. These traditional industries are now incorporating more skills from the domain of knowledge workers, giving birth to a new breed of "digital employees." For CSPs, it is crucial to recognize this shift and provide the necessary digital tools to support enterprises that service these upskilled individuals.

We conducted research with Omdia, exploring how CSPs can satisfy the demand of industries and enterprises, and the potential impact of 5G was rated as high across various employee types:

CSPs are now challenged to turn 5G into a tool to enhance employees’ efficiency. Relevant use cases and vertical solutions will be important in realizing these opportunities, but most of these 5G-boosted tools will only be co-created and delivered in partnership.

Beyond Now worked in close collaboration Omdia to develop a report that covers the transformational potential of 5G for enterprises and industries. 


  • Michal Harris
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