‘Edge computing’ is fast becoming reality rather than prophecy. Deloitte predicts that by 2023, 70% of enterprises will use the intelligent edge, and it’s no surprise that the enterprise is gearing up to take advantage of this technology that enhances bandwidth, operational intelligence, data security and customer experience.

So clearly it was going to be a hot topic at Digital Transformation World Series (DTW) 2021 where myself and Bob Pike, General Manager of Intel® Smart Edge, questioned what this technology really means for Communications Service Providers (CSPs)? Where do you start when it comes to implementing this new level of complexity to your IT portfolio? How do you go about delivering edge solutions at scale? Can you do it on your own, or will you need to work with a partner ecosystem? And what solutions can help get you there faster?

Perceiving a gap in the market for emerging players who can successfully manage the distributed orchestration of the increasing number of edge locations, Intel acquired Smart Edge in 2019. Intel Smart Edge’s platform is focused on delivering a secure orchestration service to the customer. Our newly formed partnership means that we can help service providers to co-create with an ecosystem of partners and package these solutions thanks to our Infonova Digital Business Platform.

Watch the full presentation video below to learn more about:

  • How edge will improve the experience of a user, as well as create monetization opportunities both for the enterprise customer, and the operator, while keeping the IT as simple and as operationally solid as possible
  • Making it possible for an operator to begin providing these solutions to their customers in a scalable way, however, a shift in the technology mindset is essential as edge requires a completely new approach to IT
  • Intel’s increasing presence in the industrial space where they have begun to accelerate their vertical play seeing firsthand how edge computing is making a difference to these industries.
  • How Intel and Beyond Now have partnered to help CIOs get there faster

Why Edge requires a new approach to your IT

  • Andreas Gabriel
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