Dublin, Ireland – 15th February 2022 – Beyond Now, a fast-growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, today announced the completion of its rebrand including a new name, logo, visual identity and core values, following a management buyout from BearingPoint in November 2021. The deal makes Beyond Now an independent technology company, solidifying its brand presence and giving it the flexibility and freedom it needs to capitalize on the booming market for ecosystem orchestration and digital business platforms.

The management buyout led by Angus Ward, CEO, Andreas Gabriel, CTO and Barry Keane, COO is supported by a small group of professional investors in a journey that started four years ago when Beyond was first introduced to the market. BearingPoint and Beyond Now will continue to work together on shared customers.

“Beyond Now is a high-growth technology company serving a global market with customers in Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our rebrand and strategic rebirth from BearingPoint, is representative of our very different operating models and growth trajectories."

Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond Now

We recognize that partner ecosystem collaboration has now become part of the C-level discussion, but still not enough is being done to realize this purpose and use it to develop better solutions that meet customers’ digital needs. Beyond Now addresses this by doing two things: giving organizations the vehicle to automate partner ecosystem collaboration and urging them to take action now in order not to miss the opportunity. We look forward to inspiring this change and helping our customers expand and grow faster,” said Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond Now.

Fundamental to the rebrand was a clearer definition of the core values that the company was built upon: Vision, Growth, Smart, Speed and Collaboration are the five pillars of Beyond Now. The values represent the company’s ambitions to connect the now with the future, expanding horizons to capture opportunities for customers, and finding smarter ways to quickly adapt to new market demands. The logo is based on the human iris, encapsulating Beyond Now’s capability to match the vision of its customers, while maintaining the capability to adapt quickly and stay focused on collaboration and doing so at speed.

Over the last four years, the concept of ecosystem orchestration and digital marketplaces has gone from a niche idea to a key requirement for companies to grow revenue. Beyond Now defined a vision for how companies can put this into practice, educated the market and became the clear thought leader on the topic, keynoting and moderating panels at major industry events like Mobile World Congress and Digital Transformation World. Ecosystem orchestration and digital marketplaces are now key capabilities across the broad digital transformation landscape, with IDC anticipating the sector to be worth $7bn by 2024. 

Market traction is reflected in the rapid growth Beyond Now is experiencing for its SaaS BSS, digital marketplace and digital business platform solutions across all industries. The company grew its revenue by 75% since launch. Alongside the automotive and technology sectors, telecoms is a particularly important industry for Beyond Now. Communications Service Providers have a key role in the curation and creation of ecosystems and smart connected solutions, particularly given the rollout of 5G. Today, Beyond Now works with customers such as BT, NTT and Telia, as well as strategic partners including Amazon Web Services and MATRIXX Software.

About Beyond Now
Beyond Now is a fast-growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, powering organizations to launch new services at speed and grow revenue by utilizing our digital platform, digital marketplace and SaaS BSS.
Our platforms are designed to help our customers experiment, monetize and orchestrate services while taking advantage of new technologies such as cloud, edge, IoT, AI, 5G and more. We enable them to co-create solutions with a growing network of partners; bringing them closer to their customers, helping drive higher efficiency and automation, taking them further, faster, Beyond Now.
We serve customers across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, spanning industries from telecommunications, media and entertainment, to tech and IT, financial, and automotive.

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