New Infonova Digital Business Platform capabilities enable CSPs to capitalize on 5G, Edge & IoT technologies at scale

Amsterdam – October 22, 2020 – Beyond Now, a digital platform solution provider, today announced the availability of its Digital Marketplace solution to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) integrate and monetize emerging 5G, IoT, and Edge technology opportunities. The Digital Marketplace solution is based on the Beyond Now Infonova Digital Business Platform. It enables CSPs and Service Providers that struggle to position their 5G, IoT and Edge offerings to launch new, attractive, integrated, easy-to-consume multi-party solutions at speed and at scale.

The Digital Marketplace capabilities allow CSPs to build vertical specific solutions that better meet the requirements of enterprise and SMB customers. The platform will see CSPs extend beyond providing only the pure connectivity and Network as a Service solutions to offering a new generation of B2B products and services on top. Central to the Digital Marketplace offer is the automation and ability to build the scale CSPs need to drive profitable business solutions, as opposed to designing costly, one-off products that fit the needs of a sole customer.

“It’s an exciting time for telcos. 5G, AI, Edge, cloud and IoT are reaching new levels of maturity and enabling new capabilities. But enterprise and SMB customers don’t want to buy a ‘network slice’, they want to buy complete solutions to their problems from a single source, they are looking for solutions that are easy to try, buy and consume. Without offering pre-packaged solutions, telcos risk becoming a connectivity wholesaler into solution provider’s ecosystems and being cut out of direct customer relationships.”

Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond Now

Earlier this year, a Beyond Now and Omdia study found that only 21% of early 5G deals were led by CSPs. Previously, Beyond Now research revealed that 95% of enterprises and SMBs consider partner ecosystems that deliver solutions that better fit their needs are a priority for business when choosing service providers. However, set against that, more than half of CSPs felt their existing IT systems were not able to support ecosystems. Simply put, the Digital Marketplace is a single platform that unifies and automates the development and sale of joint B2B solutions across any number of partners, whilst enabling a compelling digital experience that makes buying easy.

“The need is clear. In order to succeed, CSPs and Service Providers must build marketplaces that connect telco assets, customer needs and partner capabilities in an ecosystem. Beyond Now believes it will revolutionize the “go to market” approaches of CSPs, giving them the opportunity to co-create innovative solutions, lead and orchestrate ecosystems of technology players and industry specialists, improve and simplify customer experiences and grow revenues quickly. Across a range of CSP proof of concepts we’re running in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, we’re witnessing the emergence of a very different way of working.”

Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond Now

Key benefits of Beyond Now’s Digital Marketplace solution include:

  • Scalability – the solution is cloud-native and its SaaS based design, built with open APIs and microservices with flexible business functionalities tested with CSPs and technology partners, allows CSPs to start with the most desired service/use case and scale with success.
  • Collaboration – CSPs can rapidly collaborate and co–create joint offerings with their B2B customers, technology partners and vertical specialists. They can utilize internal and external ecosystems, enabling them to exchange and combine offerings to better serve their customers’ expectations and needs.
  • Experimentation – the combination of CSP and partner capabilities enable myriad use cases, but no single use case will win out. The platform enables ecosystem participants to quickly innovate and experiment, scaling solution availability
  • Seamless and simple customer experience – B2B customers benefit from a simple unified digital experience to make it easy to discover online then get a quote or try, buy and use from the shopfront with full automation from shopping cart to solution activation.
  • Partner experience – Partners achieve greater flexibility to onboard themselves, and advanced partner management capabilities grant improved visibility.

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