What is xVNE/xVNO?

xVNE stands for Any Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (xVNE). An xVNE, similar to a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) refers to a company or entity that provides infrastructure and services to a company that enables any / ‘x’ virtual infrastructure and services to Any Virtual Network Operators (xVNOs). xVNOs are wireless service providers that do not own their own physical network infrastructure but instead lease network capacity from traditional Network Operators.

xVNEs act as intermediaries, offering xVNOs the technical and operational support needed to establish and manage their services, including services like billing, customer support, and network access. This enables xVNOs to enter the wireless market more easily, focus on branding and customer acquisition, and tailor their offerings to specific niches without the substantial investment required to build and maintain their own network infrastructure.

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