What will 5G bring to health and wellness space? Digital transformation is one thing, but how far can 5G progress the industry? 5G promises to address high-end diagnostics, but also community initiatives, consumer healthcare, COVID-19 response, and foundational IT modernization.

CSPs looking into this field need to understand that it will be crucial to reach beyond the hospital IT transformation sector and its focus on electronic medical records, into the community and into the clinic.

5G and the digital health opportunity

Omdia survey research identifies care coordination, digital imaging and diagnostics, and data analytics as being both the top three segments for ICT spending growth and the most likely to be among our expert respondents' top three projects. We also note two key enabling technologies are growing fast: Al and networks.

Care coordination benefits from 5G's mobility, rich media, and quick broadband deployment for community outreach. Modern diagnostic systems generate large volumes of high-definition imaging and work with AR, VR, and robotic systems. As such, they fit well with 5G's high-speed and low-latency capabilities.

The 5G ecosystem links these segments' applications with Al and data analytics to achieve transformation.

5G for health and wellness: Mapping the disruptive forces

Digitization promises dramatic change, whether this is through better outreach and primary care, earlier and more reliable diagnosis through data and imagery analytics supporting the clinician, robotics for clinical and also supporting use cases, or just by modernizing some of the world's most complex data warehouses and ERP systems.

Reaching into the community and the home is a top priority and one where 5G, as a fundamentally mobile technology, can shine. A highly mobile and dispersed workforce, and one that is now forced to socially distance, benefits disproportionately from 5G.

5G technology's unique combination of high-speed, low-latency mobile broadband with support for customized, dedicated solutions, as well as national CS networks, can create a huge opportunity here.

Beyond Now worked in collaboration with Omdia to create an eBook exploring the value that 5G can bring to the health and wellness sector, including analysis and case studies. Download the full eBook, which is Part 5 in the Industries and enterprises are ready to reap the benefits of 5G series:


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  • 5G in health & wellness: beyond digital transformation
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